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Mahoso’s leather bag analogy


My assertion is that the confluence of intellectual arrogance and partisan blind faith is senseless analogy.

Contempt for everything outside the paradigm of one’s political dogma is a signal tune to early stages of paranoid insanity.

Where the situation demands mundane interpretation, Tafataona Mahoso wades through a smokescreen of pseudo-analysis backed by nauseating textbook reference as if under some sort of examination.

Unfortunately, a dearth of sustainable argument manifests itself in sputum of pungent vitriol that in this instance cannot save the professor from habitual public ridicule.

Okay, he calls it heckling by rogue, denialist activist elements.

My only transgression at the Book Cafe was to remind Mahoso of an overt cardinal truth, maybe pontificating at that, in a constitutional democracy, regime change, especially via targeted sanctions, is legitimate.

But for a lead player in a discordant, off-key symphony of party zealots, common sense is a bridge too far.

Impaled in solidified lava of brutal ignorance about local reality, like his paymasters, the professor fails to unhitch leather bag politics from the “old school” of surrealistic make believe.

But then for Mahoso and his ilk, impact assessment is rocket science.

Picture this: Robert Mugabe is barred from shopping at Harrods.

Result — women in Dotito can no longer access birth control pills in their local clinic!

Really, Mahoso? Show me the bigger picture.

I had no idea debates at the Book Cafe are calculated contestations between good and evil.

Perhaps, just perhaps it’s a war, in one corner the Mahosos (Zanu PF), apparitions of greed, intransigent impunity, diabolic converts of criminal plunder pitted against the Ngwenyas (activists), purveyors of good judgment, humanity, freedom and liberty.

Apparently, Mahoso’s so-called demolishing of the EU head of delegation to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia, is the primitive version of the triumphant entry.

But then that is the problem with inferiority complex.

You always have to stretch your Zaccheus neck to be marginally taller than the village bully.

Eloquence and demagoguery are not necessarily manifestations of quality, Professor Mahoso.

Let me sink a few piles in the fallacy of his misguided leather bag ideology.

Time Magazine, December 23, 1966: “The United Nations Security Council . . . resorted to mandatory economic sanctions to try to bring down a government.

By a vote of 11 to 0, with four abstentions, the council declared an international embargo on 90% of Rhodesia’s exports, forbade the UN’s 122-member nations to sell oil, arms, motor vehicles or airplanes to the rebel territory or to provide it with any form of ‘financial or other economic aid’.

This was the free world’s contempt for Ian Smith’s racist policies, lack of rule of law, violation of basic principles of human rights and democracy.

Rhodesia was virtually blockaded on all fronts, real sanctions, except South Africa.

In desperate survivalist instinct, Smith adopted aggressive import substitution thus accounting for one of the most sophisticated internally-driven industrial economy in the southern hemisphere, transforming isolation into innovation.

For the Nordic West to now have so much contempt for Mugabe, he must have exceeded Smith in being anti-democracy considering Europeans once poured resources into Mugabe’s guerrilla movement.

Smith had the Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation (RBC).

Mugabe has appropriated the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) as an instrument of personal pleasure.

The Rhodesia Herald was under the firm control of Smith.

It still is Mugabe’s propaganda machine.

Close to 20 000 innocent civilians were butchered by Smith in and outside Rhodesia.

Zanu PF accounted for 20 000 deaths in Matabeleland in the 1980s, thousands of internal displacements including 4 000 dispossessed farmers and millions of indigenous Zimbabweans in exile, countless arbitrary arrests and severe food shortages.

In Rhodesia, blacks were not allowed to vote. Uzumba- Maramba-Pfungwe (UMP) is a “no-go area” for MDC supporters.

Enter Okay Machisa: “Professor, explain how your party can possibly ‘short-sleeve’ people’s arms and still claim the EU is unfairly persecuting you.”

Answer: “Sanctions cause people to fight amongst themselves.” Top-shelf lunacy!

Funny enough, I would have challenged Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia on Mugabe’s knighting at the height of the Gukurahundi madness, the kind of double standards (on this I agree with Mahoso!) reminiscent of America’s “constructive engagement” with the apartheid regime.

But publicly sharing a side of the argument with the professor is akin to bathing in a public high-density swimming pool, self-immolation.

I mean the man is so myopic.

He refused to respond to a question why Zimbabwe can do business with China and the rest of the world and still whimper for EU and US attention.

With Supa Mandiwanzira’s political consortium claiming $100 million of monthly diamond exports to India, who needs the US and EU except Zanu PF?

What hypocrisy! And so just like Mugabe in June 2008, Mahoso chimes victory at the Book Cafe in a race he alone was contesting.

The US and EU did not bring Gukurahundi or plunder commercial farms.

The US and EU do not owe the IMF and WB, neither have they murdered MDC activists since 2000, or kidnapped Jestina Mukoko in 2009.

The US and EU do not have a monopoly in radio and television broadcasting in Zimbabwe.

They do not torture Jennie Williams, Farai Maguwu and Roy Bennett.

The US and EU did not drive our inflation to 1 000 000 000% or plunder Chiadzwa. It is Zanu PF.

Targeted Mahoso sanctions must remain intact as long as Zimbabwe is paralysed with Zanu PF acquisitionist dogma and its misguided ideology of plunder disguised as indigenisation.

Until insanity makes way for dignified respect of citizens, 2011 must attract a Rhodesian-type blockade.

Then perhaps, the Ngwenya school of civilised, liberal humanity might triumph once and for all over the Mahoso ideology of authoritarian leftist plunder.

Rejoice Ngwenya is a social commentator

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