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Attempts on Mabhena’s life


Norman Mabhena, the brother of the late national hero, Welshman Mabhena, who spurned a Zanu PF offer last month to have his brother interred at the national shrine, says since the episode, there have been several attempts on his life.

Mabhena told NewsDay on Tuesday that the latest incident was last Friday when suspicious motorists followed him from Silozwi in Umzingwane and tried to drive him off a bridge in Emganwini.

He said the threats on his life and family had become so real he was forced to relocate them to a safe house while he remained behind.

Asked why he did not report the matter to the police, Mabhena said he was not confident they would be of any help.

NewsDay went to Mabhena’s residence last night and found him with only his gardener, Tyson Nyoni.

The Mabhena family first reportedly received death threats from suspected Zanu PF activists soon after he refused to release his brother’s body for burial at the National Heroes’ Acre.

The family said they were only following the late national hero’s wishes.

The late hero’s younger brother said he was convinced there were people out to kill him.

“I thought that the first time we received the death threats, it was going to be a once-off issue,” he said.

“However, my family is no longer safe as we have continued to receive threats and I have moved my family to another location, which I cannot obviously disclose.”

Mabhena reported he had received several threats soon after he refused to release his brother’s body despite pleas from top Zanu PF officials including Vice- President John Nkomo.

“When I arrived home last Friday, after the water conference, I noticed a white vehicle parked near my home,” he said.

“However, I did not think much of it. I then drove to Silozwi (in Umzingwane) and on my way back, I saw the same vehicle following me at a distance.”
He said as he approached Khami Bridge, the vehicle suddenly veered in front of him and blocked his way.

“As I was approaching Khami Bridge, that vehicle veered into my lane and blocked my way,” he said. “It was raining and there was a lot of traffic. After blocking me for about two minutes, the vehicle sped off.”

Mabhena said he suspected they were the same people who had been calling his home and threatening his family.

He claimed the car emerged again from nowhere when he was approaching a bridge in Emganwini.

“When I was approaching a bridge in Emganwini, the same vehicle emerged from nowhere and nearly side sideswiped my vehicle before speeding off,” he said.

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