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Zifagate — Dube silenced


Zifa president Cuthbert Dube is no longer expected to flush out members implicated in the Zifagate scandal after they threatened to spill the beans on him in a meeting last Friday, impeccable sources told NewsDay.

Dube had threatened to flash out board members who were fingered in the saga last Thursday at a press conference but NewsDay has since learnt that the PSMAS boss has since developed cold feet after the board members threatened to bring a dossier on how he ascended to his position.

The board members incriminated are vice president Kenny Marange, board member for development Methembe Ndlovu and Northern Region chairman Solomon Mugavazi.

Marange was reported to have received $24 000 from betting syndicates in Asia when he travelled there as a referee while Ndlovu travelled as one of the technical team members of the Warriors.

Mugavazi, who owns Premier Soccer League side Monomotapa, is being accused of travelling with his team to Malaysia where they posed as the Zimbabwe national team.

But the trio has since been let off the hook by Dube.

A Zifa councillor said: “The matter came up in our general assembly on Saturday.

Some councillors were of the view that board members who were named in the scandal must be suspended to pave way for the investigation to be completed.

“But one of the guys pointed out to Dube and company that they are no saints at all and demanded everyone including Dube should step aside because everyone is dirty.

“The councillor pointed out that Dube bought his way into the position he currently holds.

They said that alone was enough for Dube to leave office according to Fifa regulations.” Dube on Monday blasted the reports and threatened litigation for defamation.

“The fact of the matter is that we dealt with the investigations into the trip to Malaysia in December 2009.

Our discussions were premised on that report alone.

“The names of the board members were not even in that report and there was no need for us to push the agenda. But I must reiterate that all those who will be found wanting will have to face the music,” said the former Buymore chairman.

The veteran administrator brushed aside claims that he bought his way up.

He said: “That’s a lie. Why do people twist things? I don’t want to talk about myself, but the councillors are up in arms with people who are peddling those lies saying they are not fools who can be bought to vote for someone.

“These are the type of things that can attract litigation. It’s malicious and defamatory. We cannot stand and watch while people soil our names.”

According to our sister paper The Standard, a document is circulating in the football fraternity claiming Dube paid most Zifa councillors to vote for him in an election which pitted him against Harare City Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi. Dube won the election by 32 to three votes.

The document claims that some of the councillors from outside Harare were in the capital days before the Zifa elections with all the hotel expenses paid for by Dube.

It further suggests that on the eve of elections, the councillors had their mobile phones confiscated and locked at a hotel room to prevent them from communicating with other candidates.

Dube said: “I never set my foot at the said hotel. Why don’t you ask the hotel if I ever went there?”

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