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Dancers letting me down —Dhewa


Sungura giant Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo has expressed disquiet over his dancers’ sexual conduct and urged them to put their house in order.

Dhewa said this following the death and burial of one of the dancers, Victor “Husvu” Paradzai last week after a long illness.

“My dancers, you have let me down,” said the sungura giant at Paradzai’s burial, his face downcast.

Although Dhewa would not admit that HIV was the grim reaper mercilessly harvesting his band members, he urged the remaining dancers to be more cautious about their health.

The Naye hitmaker has buried six dancers in the last four years.

“If I can voluntarily go and get tested, why can’t they do the same so that we can all be safe together and help each other whenever necessary,” said Dhewa.

He said that they all knew that he was suffering from cancer and that the band was certainly helping him, and wondered why his dancers could not do the same before they got seriously ill.

“It bothers me that I have had up to six dancers getting sick and dying, yet my original band members are all alive up to this day,” he said.

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