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Implement anti-corruption strategies — TIZ


The inclusive government must formulate and implement effective anti-corruption strategies to be mainstreamed into the economic recovery agenda, Transparency International Zimbabwe, (TIZ) has said.

According to the global Corruption Perceptions Index released on Tuesday, Zimbabwe scored 2, 4 out of 10 up from 2, 1 last year.

Any country that scores between 0 and 5 is perceived to be highly corrupt.

Zimbabwe is ranked 134 out of the 178 countries studied this year.

“Strategies are meaningless without buy-in from leaders,” TIZ said in a statement. “For a start, all senior public office bearers have to set an immediate example of declaring their assets on an annual basis.”

TIZ said there would be no sustained economic recovery and reconciliation without dealing with the massive corruption that the nation had witnessed in the past decade.

It said the country would find it difficult to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) if corruption continued unabated.

“The nation is captive to leaders with an enormous monopoly of power and discretion but only minimal accountability,” said TIZ. “The failure to meaningfully institute measures against corruption will postpone or at best prolong Zimbabwe’s return to normalcy.”

Zimbabwe would have to integrate anti-corruption measures in all spheres if it hopes to improve its global standing, TIZ said.

Transparency International advocates strict implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption, the only global initiative that provides a framework for curbing corruption.

Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore are tied at the top of the list with a score of 9, 3, followed closely by Finland and Sweden at 9, 2.

TIZ said there was need to strengthen justice delivery through building the capacity of the Anti-Corruption Commission and prosecution corruption in high places.

It said in accordance with international best practices, a new independent commission had to be appointed.

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