Peturo to represent Zim at Gaza Monologues

Chipawo Performing Arts educator, Victor Peturo, will next month represent the country in New York as part of the international project, The Gaza Monologues, to show their solidarity with the children of Gaza.

Peturo said his monologue was based on the real life testimony of Gaza teenager called Ashraf, who narrates his story where his brother was killed on his way to school near a targeted vehicle.

He said he wanted all the innocent victims from Gaza to know that Zimbabwe, which he will be representing, was also consoling them.

This will be Peturo’s first time to go out of the country.

“I am so excited about this trip because it will be my first time to leave the country and I am happy that it is for a good cause,” he said.

He said he would also do the monologue in his mother language, Shona, to show his country’s representation.

A monologue is a recital of event and in this case, Peturo would be reciting Ashraf’s monologue.

The young man will be in New York for two weeks and will do one play that will be presented at United Nations on November 29 during the International Day of Solidarity with the people of Palestine.

He said all the monologues will be centered on 33 real life narrations composed by children between the ages of 13 and 18, who are undergoing training with the Ashtar Theatre in Gaza.

Peturo said 32 real life experiences had been sent from Gaza to 72 different countries, of which Zimbabwe received 8 monologues and 10 extracts from other monologues.

Gaza is a tiny strip of land on the coast on the border with Egypt south west of what was once Palestine which was recently attacked by the Israeli army and air force and innocent women and children suffered the most.

This tiny strip of barren land, along with some territory on the west bank of the River Jordan, is all that remains of Palestine while the rest has become the state of Israel.

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