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Dress for your figure


A woman is truly beautiful when her own beauty is reflecting onto others.

Coming up with the perfect outfit to match our figure can be difficult at times.

Not all women are built alike, so what may look good on someone else may not look good on us, especially when the other woman’s body type is different from us.

Also, it is not always good to rely on the fashions displayed by runway models on the catwalk.

Let’s face it: designers generally love stick-thin women, and runway models are several sizes smaller than the average woman.

But whether we have the body that makes for a walking mannequin or not, there is no rule that says that we cannot wear clothes that flatter our figures and remain fashionable.

After all, it is ordinary women that make fashion designers rich.

All we have to do is to choose carefully the clothes we wear so that they enhance our assets and play down our liabilities.

How then should we dress to flatter our figures you may ask?

It depends on what type of figure we actually have, and there are basically six types of figures:

The skinny type — The skinny type is, well, skinny.

Skinny women are those whose bodies are thin, angular, and yes, with very little fat in them.

What skinny women would want is to create the illusion of curves, and this illusion of curves is achieved by creating bulk through layering clothes:

vests over tops or dresses over trousers.

Aside from layering, wearing clothes with extra details like ruffles, pleats and gathers also add bulk to the body and make it seem curvier.

The top-heavy type – Top- heavy women are women who have bulkier upper bodies and busts that are bigger than their hips.

What they would want is to create a balance by playing down the upper body.

This can be done by wearing dark tops, or tops that have monochromatic prints, and then pairing them with light-coloured pants or skirts.

Wearing necklines that give the illusion of length, such as V-necks, will also help tone down the bulky torso.

The bottom-heavy type – Bottom-heavy women are those who have hips that are bigger than their upper bodies.

Women with these body types ought to draw the attention away from their hips by wearing light-coloured tops that enhance the cleavage and pairing them with sober, dark-coloured skirts or pants.

The eyes can be further drawn to the torso through the use of chunky necklaces, dangling earrings or long chains around the neck.

The long and lanky type – Women with long and lanky bodies have more flesh than the skinny ones;

they are also generally taller.

But they have the same concern: how to create the curves that they do not have.

The layered look also works for women with this body type.

Wide skirts or pants with wide legs in light colours will also work, but never pair them with tops with a low cut.

The petite type — Petite women are those whose bodies are short, lean and thin, but straight.

They are small-breasted and do not have waists.

These women would need to create the illusion of a waist by wearing a bold belt that greatly contrasts with their tops or their dresses, or full skirts.

The curvy type —Women who have curves should feel good no matter what the sizes of those curves are.

Curves are beautiful, and they should be enhanced by clothes that skim the body, like wrap-around dresses or blouses, or clothes with fabrics that drape the body.

Baggy clothes should be avoided because they only add unwanted bulk.

Plus Size Clothing

No matter what anyone says, women are born beautiful.

The softness of our features, the gentleness of our curves, and our nurturing nature have been the subject of many an artist in paintings and sculptures, and in music and literature.

We women are the muses that have always been the driving forces of art and life.

And we still are.
Women are born beautiful.

We, however, are not perfect.

Admittedly, there are still some blemishes that we need to cover up, like a mole, a scar, a birthmark, a pimple, pockets of fat in our body, and other things like that.

And so we try to enhance our best features and hide the unflattering ones away.

A usual problem that most women have with their bodies is a bulging belly.

Let’s face it:

our bodies are made to retain fat for child-bearing purposes, and the fat is usually concentrated on our hips and bellies.

There are so many workouts and diets out there that are designed to get rid of the fat in these areas, but it takes time and special effort to cheat the design of Mother Nature.

Some of us have succeeded with flattening our bellies, while some have not.

If you are one of us, a woman with a pouch on her abdomen, what is the best way to hide that pouch?

Why, with our clothes, of course!

Here are ways to hide that unsightly pocket of fat on our abs:

Tops – When choosing the right top, whether it is a blouse, a shirt or a tee, the one thing we have to remember is to avoid those with elastic waists, or those made from lycra or any stretch fabric.

They will only draw the eyes more to those unwanted curves on your torso rather than hide them.

You can also leave the last couple of buttons on our button-down shirts open.

It is kind of sexy to look at, and it does not squeeze the belly too much.

Also, avoid tucking your tops into your pants.

Wearing jackets where the hem ends at the hips will also work wonders in hiding that bulge.

Pants — For slacks, the most flattering ones that will also hide the condition of our bellies are those made of tailored cotton.

Zippers should also be at the side; zippers at the front only show unwanted bulge.

For jeans, go for the long and lean ones, as well as the straight, narrow or slightly-tapered ones that create the illusion of length for the body.

Skirts — Stay far, far away from flimsy fabrics and pleated skirts.

They will only make your pouch and curves more pronounced.

Instead, try full skirts, mini-skirts or A-line skirts that can keep your belly in.

Semi-stretchable denim skirts work well, too.

Belts – Keep your belts big, wide and chunky. Also, wear them slung around the hips instead of at the waist.

Narrow belts will only make the bulge seem bigger.

Hiding your belly with clothes will work well. But if you really want the bulge to go away, do exercise regularly and rigorously.

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives.

It’s as simple as TLC Touch, feel your breasts every month.

Can you feel anything unusual?

Look for changes.

Is there any difference in shape and texture?

Check if you find anything unusual, go for a check-up with your doctor.

Let us share knowledge and save lives.

Until next week, do Stay Fabulous

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