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Company loses $19 000 fuel to conman


A Harare man has appeared in court on allegations of swindling a local fuel company of petrol worth over $19 000.

Ephraim Marandure (30) is alleged to have received fuel worth $19 789 from Petrol Oil Zimbabwe sometime last month after misrepresenting himself as the proprietor of Clyde Service Station in Eastlea, Harare.

According to the state outline, Marandure approached Petrol Oil Zimbabwe and a verbal agreement was reached between him and the oil company.

Under the deal, Marandure would be supplied with fuel to sell on commission and remit the daily sales to Petrol Oil Zimbabwe.

The state alleges that on different occasions Marandure was supplied with fuel which he sold and remitted cash to Petrol Oil Zimbabwe without any suspicion being raised.

On September 13, Marandure allegedly stopped making payments to the fuel company citing low sales and claimed stock worth $19 789 was held at Clyde Service Station.

After receiving the report, officials from Petrol Oil Zimbabwe made a follow-up at Clyde Service Station where they discovered that it was run by Dalumuzi Simanga Nkiwane who had a running lease with Caltex.

Petrol Oil Zimbabwe also discovered that there was no fuel belonging to Marandure.

The state alleges that it was further established that Marandure was only a supplier of fuel at the service station.

After supplying the fuel, Marandure would be paid on commission after supplying fuel for resale.

He is alleged to have collected money from fuel sales which he did not remit to Petrol Oil Zimbabwe.

Marandure, who is denying the charge, will reappear before regional magistrate Never Katiyo, on November 4 for trial.

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