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Gangstar Kid rocks Harare


Party fever was at its peak on Saturday night at Red Fox Hotel where revellers who know how to get down and boogey celebrated part of a massive three-day birthday bash with Jamaican-born top DJ, Courtney Junior Hanson aka Gangstar Kid.

In the audience was the man who made the event possible, Burton ‘Badman Bee’ Gwaze the birthday boy and a large crowd screaming, jumping and singing along to the tunes flowing from the turntables where the visiting DJ was in firm control.

The fine blend of loud music and a kaleidoscope of colours from the disco lights created a novel atmosphere that could as well have been a piece of paradise as everyone felt irie, despite having been forced to smoke as the Rastafarians where in town!

Among the ladies, it was a skimpy outfit galore, with a handful skinny tight jeans.

But the male patrons would not be outdone.

There were so many designer outfits that men wore at this bash.

It was so colourful.

True to the Jamaican/Reggae spirit, Rastafarian colours, red, green and yellow, loudly shouted at this extravaganza.

You needed not to be told that this was a Rastafarian fiesta.

As soon as the London-based DJ stepped on the stage, the real deal began as revellers were taken down memory lane with old school reggae jams from the ’90s.

“I’m here to give some dancehall energy to Zimbabweans and during my stay I will certainly teach people a lot of Jamaican moves,” Gangstar had exclusively told NewsDay on his arrival last Friday.

The cosmopolitan wheel spinner showed great skill in the diversity of music he played, moving from hip hop, through R ‘n’B to dancehall, among other genres that catered for the taste of all the party animals who converged at the venue.

The Gangstar Kid, who is on the verge of a metamorphosis as he is changing his name to Energy Kid, was a bundle of energy, doing what he knows best, and probably the fans were surprised the night was so short as they clamoured for more.

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