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Everyday fashion pitfalls


As I turned a year older on the 1st of October, I celebrated in style with my loved ones.

As a woman, I have realised that there is no bigger gift I can give myself than to truly see myself and learn to love myself completely.

You too, deserve the things that will make you happy, all you have to do is make them happen.

What we look like has an influence on how we feel.

Undertake the journey of self-growth and I have learnt not to try to look young forever; I would rather celebrate where I am now in my life and what I have achieved.

A lot can be said for ageing gracefully.

Fashion is a form of expression, so feel free to expose your personality.

Always remember that your clothes should suit your body shape, personality and lifestyle.

True style is being comfortable and true to your personality.

Wear what you love, rather than what’s faddishly popular now!

Fabulosity is the key!

Smart dressing is very important because the clothes we wear and how we actually wear them tells a lot about the kind of people we are.

They say that clothes make the man, or woman, and it is indeed true.

We do not have to be fashion gurus or runway models to be able to look the part of the smart dresser.

All it takes is to be neat, clean and presentable, and to be presentable, you have to use a bit of common sense and to avoid these everyday fashion pitfalls.

You may find some of them funny, but woe to you if you are found guilty of such errors.

Read on, learn and enjoy.

The everyday fashion pitfalls that you should avoid include:

Wearing outfits that are see-through

We always hear that less is more, and that adage is definitely applicable here.

The less skin seen on you is often times a lot better than baring it all.

A touch of modesty does not hurt.

Besides, wearing see-through clothes make you look on the slutty side, so it is best to shy away from them altogether.

Carrying a belly bulge

Even the slimmest women can be ruined by wearing pants or skirts that are too tight at the waist.

A waistband that is too tight pushes up the flesh of the abdomen, and it is quite ugly to look at.

How can you breathe when your pants or skirt is too tight, anyway?

Make sure that the waist of your bottom garment fits just right, and not too tightly, and not even snugly.

Sporting an underarm cleavage

If the flesh on that part of your breast which meets the underarm bulges up, it means that the sleeve holes of your top are too tight and that your bra does not fit you snuggly.

It also means that you should get a bra that is just the right size for your breasts.

A right-fitting brassière has cups that are just low enough to easily rest against your breasts.

Dragging hemlines for pants

Do the hems of your pant legs get caught in your shoes when you are walking?

The solution to this problem is to have the legs of your pants sewn in such a way that when you are wearing mules and such footwear, they are long enough not to get caught in.

Showing sweat stains

This season promises to be scorching hot.

It has its good days though, but when one sweats and thinks it’s ok then there is a problem.

Sweat stains are very unsightly.

If your clothes have them on the underarms and they would not come out with washing, consider wearing these clothes for doing heavy chores like yard work instead.

If you have a problem with your sweating, use a deodorant and consult a doctor.

Unsightly panties

If you think panty lines are horrible, you should look upon bunched up panties with even more horror.

If your panties are too old and too stretched out already, give them a rest and throw them away.

Neither should you wear panties the straps of which show outside the waistband of your pants.

It is so dumb and so untidy.

When we dress, we are trying to present an image that is pleasing to the eye.

We want to receive those compliments that tell us that we look great, because then, and only then, will we believe that we do look great.

This allows us to feel good about ourselves.

Hence, the quest for the perfect outfit begins and continues forever.

Also, remember that simple clothing that fits well is far better than fancier clothing that just “doesn’t look right”.

Never neglect yourself because you believe you don’t have the time or money.

Girlfriend, you’re worth it!

Positive people are those who think positively and in this way they improve their quality of life and become an inspiration to others.

Celebrate Breast Awareness this October.

Stay fabulous! Until next week. . .

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