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Creation-model for human development (9)


Scripture reference:

Genesis 1:1-2:3

In day three, God continued to bring order to creation by gathering the waters under the firmament into one place so that dry land may appear.

He went further and created grass, trees and plants- Genesis 1:9-12. God did His work logically according to plan.

The first assignment God undertook on the third day was gathering water into one place called seas.

It is important in our lives to gather things of a similar nature into one place. The first two days He did separation.

You separate yourself from fornication, adultery, theft and people that do not enhance your development.

In gathering together things that promote your advancement, include such things as education, prayer, exercise/gym and all good things that will sustain and advance your calling and purpose in life.

God found out that it was more useful and beneficial to creation if the water was grouped together.

There are times when you have to bring like minds, skills and talents together in unity, synergies or amalgamation in order to be effective.

Individuals, business political parties and nations need this.

In planning you have residential areas gathered together, graveyards on their side and industry on its side.

Office complexes and shopping malls also follow this principle such as Westgate and Chitungwiza Town Centre.

When water gathered together in the sea, dry ground appeared.

What this means is that when you gather your resources together, the dry and uncultivated parts of your life will then be revealed.

It is this virgin land that you have to work on to earn a living.

Use the water to irrigate the land, the water domain here standing for your talent, gift and resources.

God did not put living creatures in the water first but on land in the form of grass, trees and plants.

When you gather your faculties together, the Holy Spirit will direct you to discover the land you have to cultivate.

Occupy the land by growing grass, trees and plants.

What this means is that when you get a business, job or whatever occupation in life, work on it and grow it.

Do not leave it idle, it will be taken away.

In this country, I understand they take away your land if you get it through the land redistribution exercise and you are not using it.

It should not remain idle, the nations want to be fed, we are the bread basket of Africa and indeed the world, so please make use of it.

There are creatures that grow in water and others on land.

As individuals, companies and nations we have to be fed from both sea and land.

When it appears the economy is dry, God has a plan for projects that work in dry seasons.

When it appears it is too wet for business, grow fish.

In the current state of the Zimbabwean economy, there are some who are doing exceptionally well.

In the natural you can plant sunflowers or sorghum.

Do not cry while holding your fish can and export them then use the income to grow trees.

Sea life thrives in the sea and conversely land life thrives on the land not vice versa.

So stop crying, look for what thrives in your environment.

God’s last task on day three was creating grass, plants and trees.

After bringing order to creation, He began to give life to creation.

You cannot have any meaningful progress in your life until you put order to it.

Make a plan and strategy for your life.

You should at least have a plan that goes to the third generation with realistic and recognizable modality that your descendants can follow.

Note that the grass, trees and plants had seed inside them for perpetual existence.

God did not have to come back again but the seed was inside for continuous reproduction.

This means that what you need to do as a person, organization and nation is inside you.

The solution to your growth and development is inside you.

Use your gift and talent.

While Zimbabwe needs the support of the world, the real substance for our turnaround lies within our borders.

God put grass, plants and trees in the land. You need a hierarchy of sources of livelihood; grass, fruit tree and tall plant income levels.

This will hedge you against total collapse, for example veld fires may destroy grass but leave tall trees.

Your tall trees with protect your grass level sources of income.

So you need to diversify portfolio.

Why did God do two major tasks on a single day?
While you are gathering or harvesting wealth, you also need to grow it.

Do not eat all your harvest, sow part of it back to the ground.

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