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Pastor jailed for 16 years


A man of the cloth and head of Usher Institute in Plumtree, Anderson Chipiro, shall be missed by his flock for the next 16 years when he will be doing time in prison for raping an 18-year-old daughter of a colleague.

Regional magistrate Daniel Shonhiwa on Tuesday sentenced Chipiro (40) to 16 years.

Three years were suspended on condition the pastor behaved well while in prison.

The court established during trial that Chipiro intruded into the girl’s bedroom on November 24 2008 around midnight where he gagged her before wearing a condom and raping her.

The girl had been left in Chipiro’s custody when her father was transferred to head another school elsewhere.

Chipiro is said to have written several love letters to the girl who turned him down until the pastor decided to rape her.

The matter came to light when the girl’s father noticed that she looked depressed and he questioned her.

She then spilt the beans on Chipiro leading to the pastor’s arrest.

In aggravation, prosecutor Joyce Tapiwa Fusire submitted to the court that Chipiro breached the trust bestowed on him by the church and the girl’s father.

“Complainant regarded him as her father.

What is disturbing is that cases of sexual abuse involving religious leaders are on the increase.

Society is of the view that morality is the key to gospel in all religious circles.

“It becomes disheartening for pastors to be on the forefront of these cases of sexual abuse and in this case, he forgot to look after the Usher Institute flock.

It was least expected from you, being the school administrator and a pastor.

You exposed the girl to dangers of sexually transmitted diseases.

“If you wanted to quench your sexual desires you had your wife at your disposal or could have paid commercial sex workers.

But all the same, it would be morally wrong considering that you are a pastor and cannot associate with prostitutes.

You should have thought of the consequences when you raped the complainant,” Shonhiwa said before sending the pastor to jail.

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