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Big Brother seals barnmates’ fate


Sheila Kwamboka (Kenya), Tatiana Durao (Angola) and Lerato Sengadi (South Africa) were on Sunday evening whisked back into the Big Brother house after spending almost two months in the barn.

The four housemates, Munyaradzi Chidzonga (Zimbabwe), Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria), Kaone Ramontshonyna (Botswana) and Mwisho Mwampamba (Tanzania) were not so surprised when they saw the barnmates in the house but they had high hopes of seeing the other barnmates, who however were never to return.

Before the barnmates entered the house, the four housemates were told to go upstairs as Big Brother wanted to hide the two barnmates under the dinner table so as to surprise the four housemates.

They were then told to go downstairs were Big Brother had prepared a banquet for them but Munya spoiled the surprise by quickly sensing and lifting the table cloth and revealing the girls.

“What did I tell you people? I am paranoid,” Uti kept saying. During the week Uti kept telling the housemates that he had a feeling that former housemates would come into the house so their return was not much of a surprise to Uti.

Tatiana returns into the house to compete for the
$200 000 prize and will be reunited with Munya, whose picture she had kept by her bedside in the barn. Munya though has made it clear that there is nothing going on between them.

After noticing that she would not be returning to the house to her husband, Meryl specifically asked Tatiana to give Mwisho a kiss for her.

Meanwhile, losers Meryl Shikwambane (Namibia), Code Sangala (Malawi), Jen Muasanhane (Mozambique), and Paloma Manda (Zambia) have been sent back home.

Sheila was the most popular barnmate with eight countries voting to send her back to the house. Although Tatiana and Paloma had two country votes each, Tatiana received more individual votes, thereby breaking the deadlock.

Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda and the rest of Africa voted for Sheila.

Tatiana was saved by Botswana and Ghana while Angola and Zambia voted for Paloma. Malawi voted for their countryman, Code, while Meryl received one vote from her husband’s country, Tanzania.

South Africa voted to save their girl Lerato.
Lerato was whisked back into the house because of luck as she gambled to return to the house.

A competition was used to determine the return of the third barnmate as the barnmates were told to wear T-shirts which had bar codes and the housemates had to choose which number they liked to determine the returning barnmate. Luckily for Lerato, her barcode corresponded to the winning digits which saw her return to the house.

In a strange twist of fate, Lerato’s wild-card comeback sees the midnight crew reunited minus one crew member, Meryl.

The Big Brother All Stars action continues live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198, with edited highlights showing every day on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) and later on AfricaMagic (DStv Channel 114).

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