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Spring fashion colours


Are you looking for simple ways to spice up your outfits this season?

Try adding a splash of colour.

Spring is the perfect time to shy away from dark, harsh hues in favour of new neutrals which are pastels and brights.

Spring brings pretty colors, flirty skirts and warm weather worth enjoying.

With nature blooming all around, it is no wonder that we have all forgotten the winter gloom.

If you would like a new and exciting change from your traditional beauty routines, the following five colours are set to be the trendiest of this season.

PINK CHAMPAGNE – this colour is the epitome of femininity.

This delicate shade of nude pink has only a hint of colour making it perfect to wear as a neutral.

There’s something a bit glamorous about pink champagne too, however as a bit of shimmer or sheen usually finds its way into the mix.

Dresses in this hue are super trendy, especially when paired with black, while pink champagne-coloured accessories have more of a vintage feel.

If you are not into this particular pink, try its edgy sister shade, rose gold.

Pinks of any hue will do though this season.

Sport pink on your eyelids, cheeks, nails and lips for a deliciously delicate look.

No matter what your skin tone or hair color, spring is the time when you can really pull off pink in a big way.

Pink is a fun, fresh and utterly feminine colour to liven up your beauty routine this season.

TURQUOISE – there has never been a better time to wear this stunning hue.

Turquoise is set to be ‘the’ hottest colour for spring.

Reminiscent of tropical islands and bright ocean water, turquoise is one of those rare colours that although intense are universally flattering and extremely versatile.

If you are feeling adventurous turquoise is a great colour for dressy pieces and can look down right elegant in silk or sheer chiffon.

Turquoise accessories are also great for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.


– expect to see light army green a lot this season in men’s-wear inspired pieces.

It works perfectly for cargo shorts, trench coats and harem pants alike.

The colour itself is a mix of grey and green that when combined creates a flattering, easy to wear shade.

This particular hue is laid back and effortless, perfect for those college and university girls.

Go daring with green.

Especially on the eyes, metallic greens make a great beauty statement.

In fact, shades of green have really stolen the limelight this spring.

Using a shade that works for you, draw attention to your eyes by playing them up a bit.

Don’t be afraid to go dark, but if you do, remember – intense eyes should be paired with soft subtle lips.

Use a softer shade or a slick gloss to achieve this result.

CORAL – a gorgeous blend of pink and orange.

Coral is hot not only for clothing but also for beauty products this season.

The colour instantly warms up an outfit and adds instant pretty to a made up face.

Coral can be bold or feminine depending on the amount of orange or pink in the blend or simply what its worn with; dark colours leathers and metallic’s will create a bolder look.

White nudes, white and pinks lean towards femininity. Keep your corals around for summer too.

This shade looks gorgeous against tanned skin.

LILAC- this shade of purple is luxurious and romantic without being heavy, perfect for warmer weather.

The soothing, floral inspired hue does double duty as it warms any skin tone and adds a pastel punch to your look like coral.

Lilac’s trade mark sweetness can be down played when you wear it with edgier pieces.

Lilac eye makeup is a top beauty trend this spring.

Anyone with any skin tone or eye colour can pull this look off.

The best trends are the ones that every girl can try, regardless of their colouring.

Eye shadow is also so versatile that you can control how heavy or sheer you want your look to be.

Fresh Glowing Skin- spring makes you think of healthy-looking skin. Dear sister let your skin so shine this season.

A fresh bare-skinned look is a favourite look because natural healthy-looking skin is flattering on everyone.

However, pulling this look will depend on your skin type.

That’s why I have included a variety of ways that will help everyone achieve their spring look.

Using a shade that works for you, draw attention to your eyes by playing them up a bit.

Don’t be afraid to go dark, but if you do, remember – intense eyes should be paired with soft, subtle lips.

Use a softer shade or a slick gloss to achieve this result.

White is the new black. When intensifying your eyes with eyeliner, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors.

Browns and navy blues are fine, but don’t forget about the fresh look you can achieve with white and silver eyeliner.

If you aren’t too keen on eyeliner to begin with, apply frosty white and silver shades to your eyelids in a powder or gel form.

Tangerine Lips- this is a shocking orange lipstick- this is a bold look, daring and fun. It is not for an everyday look though!

Go soft, go sheer, and go glossy.

To complement the bold and inspiring looks accenting the eyes, choose softer hues for the lips.

Simple lip-gloss and Chap Stick products give your lips a tasty and therapeutic treat, but don’t forget about adding some subtle color.

Apply traditional lipstick in lighter colors or use liquid lip products for a wet and glossy glow.

Don’t skimp on the color.

Especially when dressing up the eyes, be generous with your colors.

Neutral tones are fine, but have a little fun with brighter and wilder hues.

The shades you select should draw attention to your beautiful face and your gorgeous eyes.

Engage in metallics. In an effort to accentuate your eyes, sparkly metallic colors will truly make a great expression.

Metallic green, steel and other shades will look stunning with your complementing make-up and your sexy wardrobe.

Rock out with longer, more noticeable lashes.

Long and sexy eyelashes give your peepers a great lift.

Apply a glossy or sparkly topcoat to your lashes after your mascara dries for ultimate sheen and a fabulous “wet” look.

Remember whatever your favorite spring striking hue is, keep it flattering for any complexion, but too much of it in one outfit can overkill.

It’s more interesting when you break it with other dark tones like bronze, and then let the colour strike out.

If you are wearing for instance a coral dress, add black accessories or something bold, like leopard-print heels or pumps.

Did you know that laughter makes you feel great; it makes your skin glow by stimulating the circulation and encouraging oxygen intake.

Sleep is the best kept energy restoring secret around. Exercise outside!

This helps to oxygenate your cells with fresh air and facilitate the removal of waste products through your skin.

Until next time. Stay fabulous.


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