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Matonga faces eviction


Former Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Bright Matonga faces eviction from a house he is renting in Chisipite, Harare, following a default judgment entered by the rent board last month.

Matonga reportedly failed to pay $2 583 59 in rent and rates for the property he is leasing.

The applicant, Dr Ntombana Regina Gata, according to case number 11265/10, served Matonga with summons on August 25 through the police to appear before the rent board on September 10.

The return of service for the summons was signed by Trymore Nyandoro on behalf of Matonga, who was found to be in wilful default.

According to the law, once the return of service is signed, it is assumed the defendant would have acknowledged receipt of summons and made a commitment to attend court.

The rent board proceeded to preside over the case on the basis that both parties were aware of the court date.

Rent board chairperson Harare magistrate Archie Wochiunga, together with board members Even Borden Baker and Ngoni Mupfurutsa, entered a default judgment in favour of Gata.

Gata claimed in her summons that Matonga failed to pay $1 115,43 for rates, electricity for $468,59, rentals for June and July totalling $1 000 as well as August hence she decided to approach the rent board for recourse.

The default judgment entitles Gata to seek the services of the messenger of court to execute the judgment.

However, Gata declined to give details of the case and said: “I cannot comment. It is a personal matter.”

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