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Kays: multi-talented entertainer


A new kid on the block, Ndafadzwa Kagande, aka Ndaffy Kays, recently released his debut three-track album entitled The See Vee, together with a hilarious video of his song, 1,2 Testing.

Kagambe has on several occasions left crowds in stitches at various performances of his old- school type of singing and comedy-style acting mainly at Reps Theatre in Harare.

He depicts himself as a senior military official who does not seem to get enough of women while simultaneously attacking them sarcastically.

NewsDay recently caught up with the 24-year-old comedian- cum-singer and this is what he had to say:
Tinashe Sibanda (TS): When did you start your career as an entertainer?

Ndafadzwa Kagande (NK): I took up the career as a full-time entertainer in 2009, but I only released my first album recently.

TS: Can you describe your album, The See Vee?

NK: It refers to the ordinary curriculum vitae that most people my age are sending out in search of jobs but in my case this is my CV to the people, so that they can see or watch what I have to offer and support me.

TS: What music genre do you sing?

NK: I major in funk, bridging the gap between blues, jazz and rap music and my sound is biased towards pop but with sarong comic twist.

TS: What inspired you to do such a unique video?

NK: I was inspired by wanting to do or present something different from the ordinary.

TS: Do you do anything else besides being an entertainer?

NK: I used to work for the Airforce of Zimbabwe as a flying cadet but had to stop because of a medical condition that I developed from flying.

TS: Did you always want to be an entertainer?

NK: No! It was just a hobby. I believe I was born a flier but I guess my dream was shattered by my condition, so I had to take up entertainment full time and it’s a blessing in disguise.

TS: Are you under any record label?

NK: No, for my first album I will market and distribute my own copies plus I am an independent artiste, not signed or affiliated to any label.

TS: What are your other interests?

NK: Love, or the idea of it, world history and aviation, I am a natural, born flier.

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