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High costs, power cuts hamper business growth at Murambinda


High service costs and severe power cuts have been blamed for the slow development of small- scale businesses at Murambinda growth point.

Farisi Makumbe, the chairperson of Murambinda Business Association, said as a result of the adverse operating environment there were hardly any new businesses being established in the area despite its strategic location.

“The community that we operate in has limited cash. They have resorted to barter trade to access basic commodities,” said Makumbe.

“There is also the challenge of accessing goods on credit for resale.”

He said electricity bills averaged $300 a month yet business premises went for several hours daily without power.

In an effort to improve the viability of business at the growth point, most business-people have purchased generators.

“If we could get significant loan facilities that would go a long way in assisting business- people in the area to develop,” he said.

Makumbe also attributed the slow business to failure by the Grain Marketing Board to pay farmers for their produce on time.

He said most of their customers were heavily reliant on selling their produce.

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