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Dance groups fundraise for burial


Various Harare-based dance groups Tuesday gathered at Mega 1, a popular leisure centre, to raise funds for the burial of the late member of the Phenominal dance group, Sivelisiwe Mpofu, who drowned on Sunday at Pamvura Lodge in Mvurwi.

Mpofu died with two others, Trust Nyemba and Memory Chagonda, after their boat capsized.

The dancers, who included the popular Banyana Bafana, Explosion, Mambokadzi, Syndicate and surviving Phenominal Girls among over 25 groups present raised over $800 towards Mpofu’s burial.

Speaking on the sidelines of the fundraising event, George Maredza, husband to the late Mpofu and manager of the dance group Phenominal Girls, said he has had to bear the costs of the funeral as his family broke ties with him after he took Mpofu as a second wife.

Narrating how the events unfolded on the fateful day, Maredza said: “After the boat hit a rock it started sinking and two of the guys, who were assisting us with controlling the boat and my wife Grace swam to the shore. I remained with my friend Trust, trying to save Sivelisiwe and Memory, who were unable to swim.

“Suddenly I could no longer see Trust and his girlfriend while on the other hand, I kept trying to save Sivelisiwe, who was sinking as she was panicking.

“At that point, I decided to give the only life-jacket we had to Trust so that it could keep him afloat while the two now-deceased ladies held on to him but they panicked and tore the jacket, leading to their drowning.”

He said Trust was a very good swimmer but he died while concentrating on trying to save his girlfriend who was in total panic. When their bodies were retrieved from the dam they still clung to each other, he disclosed.

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