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Civil servants await action on salaries


Civil servants are still waiting for the government to act, a week after embarking on a protest march in Harare demanding a review of their salaries.

Government workers — led by members of the Apex Council — two weeks ago week marched through the capital city and congregated at Kaguvi Building, where they successfully demanded to be addressed by Public Service minister Eliphas Mukonoweshuro.

Mukonoweshuro said the government was committed to its workers and would look into their grievances this week.

Apex Council chairperson Tendai Chikowore said government had not yet made any moves but the organisation was still hopeful that Mukonoweshuro would honour his word.

“Up to now nothing has happened. We haven’t received any information and the government team leader (Prince Mupazviriho) is saying he is still waiting for a word from the minister, the minister’s office is saying they are waiting for a Cabinet decision,” she said.

“We are still pushing for a meeting and remember, we gave a 30-day ultimatum. We are hopeful that something will happen within those days and if nothing happens, we will map the way forward.

“The minister knows the situation. He knows people are anxious, it’s not just the Apex Council only.”

The Apex Council is composed of the Public Service Association, Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association, Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe and College Lecturers’ Association of Zimbabwe.

The Apex Council organised the protest march after the government dragged its feet over their request for negotiations.

Government employees want the lowest paid worker to earn at least $500.

The unions are arguing that the government promised to review their salaries as soon as they were given permission to sell diamonds from the Marange fields.

Civil servants are earning between $150 and $250 but are saying the amount is not enough to meet their basic needs.

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