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Creation – model for human development (6)


Scripture reference: Genesis 1:1-2:3
All of us, you and me, want to be given the opportunity and space to let out what is in us.

As we found out last week, when God began to create heaven and earth, He let out that which was in Him. When He began to speak, His first word was “Let” which is the subject of our inquiry today.

We now want to find out the attributes of the word let, which are the characteristics you should have before you are let out.

God may shut you out, be it politically, socially, relationally, at work, in the church or in business because you will pollute and contaminate our environment and the space we live in.

When God stepped on the scene to speak, He had many things inside Him and I shall deal with six of them. For clarity, let me use the word LET as an acronym for the six attributes; L standing for Light and Love, E for Experience and Expertise and T for Talent and Time.

When God saw total chaos on earth, the first thing He desired was light. Light is electromagnetic radiation, the agent that stimulates the sense of sight or simply illumination.

When you are faced with any situation in life be it in business, marriage, at work or as a nation, the first thing you have to introduce is light.

For you to perceive and understand the situation you have to see the light or sense of it.

Do not just start to bind and cast. You need to see where you are coming from and where you are going to. Light gives you good judgment and allows you to make good decisions and the right choices.

The Bible says that we, Christians, are the light of the world. So when you launch a product or company or even a political party, make sure you have light inside you.

When you are dating, make sure both of you have light so that you do not divorce later on.

Light travels at some tremendous speed, which means that for your product, project, marriage, business, ministry, political party or vision to last the distance, it has to travel and affect and influence your market.

As you know, God is live. When He stepped onto the scene, He was to remove hatred, war and animosity.

Without love, do not even dare launch anything. You have to love your opponents or competitors and customers.

Love is strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Love is not a feeling but a decision.

You may not feel like loving your neighbour or your enemy but you can decide and choose to love them.

There are enough customers/clients and space for anyone who wishes to launch out in love.

For churches, there are enough sinners for us all to fish, for companies, there is lots of virgin territory, for political parties, show love to your electorate, they will follow you; don’t kill each other and for spouses, there is one for you.

Do not compete with your opponent but challenge yourself to your calling because you may end up in witchcraft.


The experience I am talking about here is active participation in events or activities leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill.

There are two types of experience; private and public. Private experience deals with what you have acquired and achieved before you want to be let out.

Public experience deals with manifesting what you have acquired behind closed doors.

Before David slew Goliath, he had dealt with lions and bears.

When a company calls you for an interview and demands, say, five years experience, which you may not have, but manage to exude your private experience and come in the name of Jesus, they will be persuaded to take you.

This is a special skill and knowledge. If you have a unique brand, product, uncommon knowledge or innovation, you will not be denied.

Knowledge and skills can be acquired. The time you spend regretting, crying and blaming your parents and everybody else can be used for acquiring knowledge and skills.


This is natural endowment or innate (inborn) ability of a superior quality. God freely gave each one of us talents that you need to discover and use in your calling in life.

Do not waste your time trying to be someone else, just be yourself and allow your talent to make room for you.


God lives in a timeless realm. In Genesis 1, He came to our realm to give the heaven and the earth time.

Time is a non-spatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future.

On earth, therefore, everything has to be done on time, lest someone offers it while you are sleeping.

Time and chance happen to us all. There is a lifespan for what you have to offer. The Bible declares that there is time to every purpose; use your time wisely.

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