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Disband Copac — Madhuku


National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairperson Lovemore Madhuku has lashed out at the feuding political parties in the inclusive government for deliberately engaging in a process they knew would cost lives and has called for the disbanding of Copac to allow an independent commission to lead the constitution-making process.

With reference to the death of one MDC-T activist due to politically-motivated violence, Madhuku said he had opposed the Copac-led process from the beginning, aware it was going to be disastrous.

“Copac has always been defective and from day one, it could be seen that it was not people-driven,” he said.

Madhuku said it was regrettable that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who pulled out of the June 27 presidential election run-off citing violence against his people would agree to a process that he knew would cost lives.

“For MDC-T to come and complain that Zanu PF is perpetrating violence is nonsense,” he said.

“Tsvangirai knew from the outset that this process was flawed but he divorced himself from civic society and went ahead with the politician-driven process. It’s very unfortunate,” he said.

Madhuku said NCA was not gloating that it had been proven right on its “prophecy” but said the only logical thing to do was to disband Copac and engage the “real people”.

“The process should be people-driven and that has been our war. We are not celebrating that we have been proven right but we want the lost people to come back to the people to engage them,” he said.

“If you are driving and you realise you are lost, you don’t reverse but you make a U-turn. It’s not embarrassing for people to make a U-turn. The politicians have to swallow their pride and come back to the people,” said the constitutional lawyer.

“This process has all but collapsed,” Madhuku said. “This was a mistake by the politicians and I am glad Tsvangirai has realised that.”

Madhuku has been vocal against the Parliament-driven process and went ahead to launch a “Take Charge” campaign against the process.

He joined hands with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union and Zimbabwe National Students’ Union to campaign against a process that was not people-driven.

Meanwhile, dozens of angry outreach teams converged at the Copac offices in Milton Park demanding payment. The group, made up of parliamentarians, demanded to see Copac officials but said the officials fled the scene.

“We will be checking out of our hotel rooms tomorrow so we need our money today. They are telling us to come back next week but that is not what we agreed,” said one of the team members.

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