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There is no one to stop them


History has a stubborn tendency of repeating itself. Just over 30 years ago, Ian Douglas Smith shouted himself hoarse about black majority rule never happening “in a thousand years”.

Today, individuals from a certain political party which has been quarantined to the intensive care unit since the year 2000 are falling over each other in a lyrical contest on how fast their Skorokoro is going.

Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo is the one that takes the price. Khaya Moyo is a product of a great school of politics. He is a student of a great politician.

He is a product of Zapu school of politics and protégé of the Great man himself, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo.

That is probably why Khaya Moyo chose to present his message in the form of a simple advertisement.

This is probably so because his principals, desperate to extort his true allegiance considering the just ended and resoundingly successful Zapu congress, wanted him to publicly commit himself to Zanu PF.

The ordinary among Zanu PF would have waxed lyrical in a long and winding article in praising Zanu PF and its leadership. But alas, Khaya Moyo chose to be ambiguous in his “oath” of loyalty.

However certain aspects of his advertisement cannot go unchallenged. Firstly, Khaya Moyo is a member of the Zanu PF presidium.

The Zanu PF national chairmanship is stepping stone towards becoming Vice President of that party.

The chairmanship is a now an integral piece in the succession matrix of Zanu PF, at least up to the vice presidency.

As it stands, Khaya Moyo has one foot in the race to succeed one of the two vice presidents.

Considering that replacement is usually inspired by natural causes, your guess is as good as mine as to who will create that vacancy.

For that reason, Khaya Moyo has a right to be ambitious and to sound so, after all Khaya Moyo is still young.

Picture this; the Presidium is made up of four people.

Two of them have seen better days. A reunion with their creator could soon be on the horizon.

That leaves the contest for the top post between Madam Teurai Ropa (Vice President Joice Mujuru) pitting comrade Khaya Moyo.

That is futuristic, but that is definitely the mode Khaya Moyo is operating in.

He is looking ahead in the future. He reckons that a fight with an opponent of the fairer sex improves his chances. Good luck Comrade chairman.

The fact that Khaya Moyo is busy counting his chickens before they hatch, however does not give him the right to take a cheap pot shot at Zapu. That does not give him the right to distort history to suit his selfish agenda.

To begin with, the armed revolutionary struggle was waged by Zanu PF and Zapu as separate, independent and sometimes hostile parties.

The closest these parties came to working together was when they formed Zipra under the command of Rex Nhongo (General Solomon Mujuru).

That arrangement failed dismally, and innocent lives were lost in Mozambique.

The Patriotic Front was an arrangement designed for the Lancaster House talks.

Leaders of the Front Line States were instrumental in forging this alliance. During and after the talks, Zanu and Zapu agreed to return home and contest the elections as the PF.

This was not to be, for one senior Zanu leader left London in the middle of the night and addressed a press conference in Tanzania announcing that Zanu will contest the elections as Zanu PF.

So Comrade chairman spare us the glorification of the PF, we know who rejected it.

We also categorically reject continued abuse of the name of the late Dr Joshua Nkomo.

Joshua Nkomo belonged to no political party, Zapu included. He only identified with Zapu, because it is the only authentic liberation movement with a national outlook.

Otherwise any party claiming ownership of this icon is mischievous and disrespectful.

Nkomo belongs to all Zimbabweans, irrespective of party affiliation.

He was bigger than the likes of Khaya Moyo who have no qualms prostituting the name of a great man in their grand scheme of political ascendancy.

The advert in question, by Khaya Moyo clearly states that he and others are “committed to defend the Unity Accord . . . as the united Zanu PF”. We have a question for you, Baba Moyo, defend the Unity Accord from what, from whom?

For the uninitiated, and as Khaya Moyo rightly put it “the Unity Accord was endorsed by the parties’ respective congresses”.

That is true. Zapu held its previous Congress in 1986 which endorsed the decision to enter the Unity Accord. Fast forward to December 2008, Zapu called for a special congress that endorsed a decision to pull out of the Unity Accord.

Mukoma Simon, the Unity Accord is dead and buried, what is left are sentimental memories and a few individuals who are either fancying their chances at leadership positions or are aware that jumping ship will be tantamount to signing their political death warrants or both.

Indeed, such leaders claim Zanu PF is an unstoppable machine. For who is trying to stop them as they speed towards their waterloo?

Zimbabweans are watching as grown up men and women drive a once vibrant revolutionary party to its total destruction and with it, the revolutionary values will be buried.

That is one reason Zapu was revived, to defend the very revolution that is under siege from opportunists.

After all, Khaya Moyo, is it not you who said “Offshoot political parties will remain offshoot, offside and scoring own goals: Ref: 1963, main actors: Sir Arthur Bottomley, Ndabaningi Sithole, Enos Nkala, Robert Mugabe and others.
Need I say more?

Mso Ndlovu is the Secretary for Administration for Zapu (Northern Region), and he writes in his personal capacity

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