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Munya pawns Meryl to survive


Munyaradzi Chidzonga, Zimbabwean representative in the Big Brother all stars game, is safe from eviction this week.

However, all remaining housemates excluding Munya are up for eviction. Initially, Uti (Nigeria), Mwisho (Tanzania), Kaone (Botswana) and Munya were the ones housemates and barnmates had decided to put up for eviction.

Fortunately for Munya, he is this week’s head of house so he had the power to save or replace any of the nominated housemates. He decided to save himself and put Meryl in his place.

For his week 10 nominations, Munya nominated Uti and Meryl. He admitted to not having any reasons for nominating them but just had to nominate two people and it happened to be Uti and Meryl.

Uti nominated Munya and Kaone. For nominating Munya, Uti said it was because Munya could save himself as head of house. Kaone was nominated because, according to Uti, he has never faced eviction.

Meryl nominated Kaone and Munya. She gave the same reason as Uti for nominating Kaone.

Kaone was consistent in his nomination of Meryl.

He also nominated Mwisho because he had only nominated him once before.
Mwisho nominated Uti and Kaone. Mwisho said if he nominated Munya, he would “take himself out of the process” because he is head of house.

He, therefore nominated Uti. He then said he nominated Kaone because he was not prepared to nominate Meryl.

In the Barn, Tatiana nominated Mwisho and Uti. For both of them she said it was because they were strong housemates. Paloma nominated Meryl because she was the only girl remaining in the house. She also nominated Mwisho because he is a strong contender.

Code nominated Munya because he is head of house and would save himself.

To come up with a second name, Code struggled before finally nominating Uti. He told Big Brother that he still remembered Uti was the housemate he struggled to get to know while he was in the house.

Sheila nominated Munya because, as head of house, he could save himself.

Secondly, she nominated Kaone because he needs to come to the barn. When pressed for a reason, Sheila confessed that she would not nominate Meryl, Uti or Mwisho.

Finally, Jen nominated Mwisho and Munya. She did not give any reasons for nominating them. She just said it was a gamble she had to take.

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