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Hannington evicted from Big Brother


BIG Brother Allstars contestant, Hannington Kuteesa (Uganda) was evicted from the house after he slapped South Africa’s Lerato Sengadi following a huge altercation.

The fight kicked off as a conversation with barnmates sitting outside having drinks.

The barnmates discussed issues affecting their lives and from nowhere, Lerato and Hannington were sucked into a bitter war of words which suddenly turned into a fight.

The argument started with Hannington chairing the debate and Lerato interrupted as she wanted her questions answered.

She said sarcastically that if it was a problem answering her questions, she would keep quiet and go back to her wine.

Most of the housemates half-jokingly, told her to shut up and she decided to move indoors.

As Lerato went back to the house, Hannington remained saying the others would carry on, stating that, “we’re not gonna be babies. . .”

Lerato heard this and responded saying, she didn’t want to be babied. Lerato and Hannington both got up in each other’s faces, and the pushing, shoving, and swearing started.

Unfortunately, neither of the barnmates would let the argument rest and it ended up being very physical as Hannington shoved Lerato then slapped her when she poked him with the bottle of booze she had in her hand.

Sheila Kwamboka (Kenya) and the rest of the girls came to Lerato’s aid as Hannington’s rage robbed him of all common sense.

Sheila was the saviour because if she had not managed to drag Hannington, the fight could have turned out a lot worse as Hannington kept trying to break free to continue with the physical abuse.

Sheila was very annoyed with Code who was not man enough because he did not intervene leaving Sheila to hold the huge Ugandan back.

In all fairness it happened quickly and in a blur and Code appeared to be shocked by it all.

In an emergency diary session, Lerato told Big Brother that she would one day forgive Hannington but she will never forget as no one had ever raised a hand to her; not even a relative.

She added that she was angry that it had happened to her on national television in front of all the cameras and the whole of Africa.

Meanwhile, the fight had since received various comments from different parts of the globe with female activists criticising producers of Africa’s version of Big Brother for not evicting a housemate who punched a female contestant on live television.

Angry viewers had also flooded the show’s website with messages condemning Hannington.

An M-Net spokesman however said they had also received complaints about Lerato for insulting Hannington during a discussion about malaria before the incident.

After looking at both of the housemates’ allegations, Big Brother announced to all of the barnmates that they had decided to evict Hannington from the show because of his confrontation with Lerato.

Big Brother mentioned that in the run up to the fight, Hannington had many opportunities to walk away but he opted not to and deemed Hannington’s actions unacceptable.

For Lerato’s role in the run up to the confrontation, Lerato will lose her right to nominate and she will also not be allowed to take any alcohol and will be required to wash dishes for the remainder of her stay in the barn.

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