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The return of Sores of Emmanuel


Local hit movie Sores of Emmanuel, which was launched in May this year at a glamorous event in the capital, is set for a comeback to the cinemas in Harare tomorrow.

Later this month, the movie will also be released to various cinemas countrywide including Bulawayo and Mutare.

“We screened Sores of Emmanuel for five weeks before pulling it out of the cinemas to pave way for the screenings of World Cup soccer matches,” said Rainbow Cinemas general manager Anthony Chinyama.

He said when the film was released into the cinemas it managed to oust big movies like the internationally popular and award-winning Avatar and Ninja Assassin, according to their statistics.

Rainbow Cinemas marketing manager Grace Jenami said the movie was probably one of Zimbabwe’s best films to released in a long time because of its quick comeback to the movie houses.

“Many patrons have been asking for the return of this movie onto the big screen since it is not yet on DVD,” she said.

Jenami said a lot of people in Bulawayo and Mutare had been constantly asking when the movie would be available in their cities.

Sores of Emmanuel writer and director Edmore Ndhlovu said he was encouraged about that people had kept on asking for the movie and although the movie was yet to be released, bringing it back to the cinemas was to make sure many people would watch it before the final release.

“The premiere of the film was something big and we want to maintain that standard on the DVD launch and the movie is probably the best film after the release of Tanyaradzwa five years ago and the best film for 2010 at the moment,” said the producer, Charles Mutyavaviri.

Sores of Emmanuel – which features actors like Kenny Kondo and Edmore Sandifolo – will be opening on tomorrow in Rainbow Cinemas in Harare, Mutare and Bulawayo.

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