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Cop faces rape charge


A policeman stationed at Entumbane Police Station George Chirwa is facing charges of raping a 14-year old girl from his neighbourhood.

The policeman is said to have forced himself onto the girl early this month, taking advantage of her acquaintance with his sister.

On the day in question, the girl is said to have attended a party at a friend’s place where she allegedly took alcohol. After taking one too many, the girl is said to have failed to find her way home.

Police sources revealed that the juvenile then decided to seek accommodation for the night at Chirwa’s residence.

“The girl had to be lifted into the house by Chirwa and his younger sister. She was eventually placed in a spare bedroom where she was to put up for the night,” a police source said.

It is alleged that Chirwa woke up at night and tiptoed to the juvenile’s room.

“Upon getting into the room, Chirwa loosened his trousers, stripped the juvenile naked and covered the juvenile’s mouth with his hand. He then raped her once.

“The girl screamed, alerting lodgers in the same house,” the source said.

One of the lodgers woke up only to discover Chirwa leaving the spare bedroom and an altercation ensued between the lodger and Chirwa.

Chirwa was then arrested after a report was made to the police.

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