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Council to close down lodges-turned-brothels


Most homes that were turned into guest houses in anticipation of a bumper tourist influx during the Fifa World Cup have been transformed into brothels and the Harare City Council is planning to withdraw the lodge licences.

A full council meeting held last week had councillors raising complaints over the mushrooming of guest houses-cum-brothels in the city.

The city licensed a number of residential homes as guest houses to accommodate fans that were expected to flood Zimbabwe on their way to South Africa.

Councillors called on the city to act to avert “disaster” saying it was immoral to have brothels operating in residential suburbs.

Councillor Warship Dumba told a full council meeting those brothels had to be closed immediately because they were a danger to children’s morals.

“The lodges licensed in anticipation of large volumes of people coming during the World Cup have now been turned into brothels and I do not want brothels in my ward,” he said. “Brothels are morally wrong and unacceptable to society and they have to be closed,” said Dumba.

Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda said no one in his normal senses would accept brothels in their areas and called for immediate action to address the situation.

“No councillor would accept brothels in his ward. It is morally wrong as you said and they have to stop,” Masunda said.

An investigation by NewsDay early this year found that many houses in Queensdale, Hatfield and Mt Pleasant were being used as brothels.

Operators of these brothels advertised as massage palours but clients found themselves receiving more that the advertised services.

Council heard that many people were still applying for licences seeking to convert their houses into guest lodges.

According to Zimbabwean laws operating brothels is forbidden.

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