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Law officer in messy divorce


A senior prosecutor in the Attorney General’s Office, Roderick Tokwe, is locked in a divorce wrangle with his wife Sekai who accuses him of being an adulterer who has abandoned his own children.

According to correspondence between Sekai’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa and his lawyers Mushangwe and Company, the government law officer is accused of having numerous adulterous affairs “throughout his marriage”, one of which resulted in the birth of a child.

“Your client has continued to consort with other women and we are instructed that from around 2008, your client has been in yet another relationship which resulted in him deserting the matrimonial home and his children in April of this year.

“Since then we are instructed that he has virtually had nothing to do with his family, including his children, whom he has not seen since the desertion,” the letter from Mtetwa reads.

Sekai blamed Roderick for the breakdown of their marriage and the “sharp differences” that have existed in the marriage.

“Although our client does not want a divorce, she has come to accept that she cannot be married to your client if he no longer wishes to be married to her as it takes two to make a marriage work.

“Our client will therefore not stand in your client’s way in his quest for liberation from a marriage which no longer serves his purpose,” the letter says.

Tokwe’s wife wants custody of the children.

She says access to the children should be gradual and should take into account the children’s wishes, especially as they were old enough to make their own choices.

“This is particularly so taking into account the fact that the children have been severely traumatised by recent press reports of your client’s salacious lifestyle of bar brawls involving his mistress who was referred to as his wife,” the letter reads.

“This reference naturally led to the unfortunate belief that our client was involved in the brawl when in fact she was not and is an injured party in the entire fiasco.

That it was your client who called the police and put the debacle in the public domain can only serve to confirm your client’s failure to take the children’s best interests at heart.”

Sekai also demands guarantees that the children would not be exposed to Tokwe’s “lifestyle of bar brawls, public smoking and drinking copious amounts of alcohol”.

Tokwe’s absence from home had badly affected the children’s schoolwork, his wife claims.

“Your client’s behaviour where he has virtually kept incommunicado has adversely affected the children whose school performance has dropped.

“If your client seriously does not want the children to be affected by the divorce, the least he should do is to try and maintain a relationship with the children.”

No value is attached in the letter to the two properties that the couple is grappling over – a milling company and their matrimonial house.

Sekai claims the milling business belongs to her mother and also that she bought the couple’s Marlborough home.

Sekai’s lawyers wrote: “We are instructed that the parties do not have a jointly-owned milling business and that the only milling business our client is aware of is her mother’s business operated under Ocean General Dealers (Private) Limited, situated at our client’s mother’s plot on Lomagundi Road.”

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