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Cynthia Mare’s raw deal


It was supposed to be the real deal show, just as the organisers had promised.

But UK-based songstress Cynthia Mare, who flew in for the Sean Paul/Akon gig last Saturday, had to settle for a 3am inset performance – minus her band – in the midst of all the disorder at the “Real Deal” concert.

The R&B singer had come all the way from England to share the stage with the international stars but because of the disorganisation of the show, she only got a chance to perform after Akon at 3am.

Mare, who came to the country more than a week before the show to practise extensively with her locally based crew, only got a “crash” slot to perform alone for the exiting crowd after Akon’s performance.

“I was supposed to perform after Sean Paul but I only got a chance to perform after Akon because the whole programme had shifted due to the delays,” she said yesterday.

She, however, refused to disclose whether or not she bore her own costs of travelling to Zimbabwe.

Surprisingly a whole hour went by after Sean Paul’s performance with no one performing as DJs were playing house music and other R&B songs in the interim before Akon took to the stage.

Mare performed just before Alick Macheso for a few remaining revellers in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The few revellers who remained after Akon’s performance were clamouring for Macheso all through her very short performance.

Mare, however, says she has no bone of contention with the organisers, Zimswag, as she has been promised her payment, as per contract, today and also seems to have taken solace in the fact that she was allowed backstage with Akon and Sean Paul unlike all the other urban grooves artistes. She leaves for the UK next week.

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