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US voices support for constitution outreach


The United States strongly supports the constitution outreach process currently underway in Zimbabwe.

In a statement, the US government said the consultative process was an important step in the development and implementation of an inclusive, forward-looking constitution that would contribute towards the establishment of democratic norms and institutions in Zimbabwe.

“The United States is a contributor to the United Nations Development Programme-led funding mechanism for Copac and remains committed to the overall process of transition and the full and transparent implementation of the Global Political Agreement,” the statement said.

“As future funding needs for the process become known and are evaluated, the United States will work with other donors and the Government of Zimbabwe to develop strategies for addressing these needs.”

The US was committed to helping build a better future for the Zimbabwean people.

The statement comes amid reports that the government needs at least $8 million to complete the constitution outreach programme.

Donors under UNDP have indicated that they were not in a position to fund any further activities of Copac.

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