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Akon show chaos in Golden Circle


The long-awaited “Konvict Show” on Saturday, with international superstar Ryan Henriques aka Sean Paul and Alliaune Badara Thiam aka Akon, ended up in chaos as the most expensive enclosure, the “Golden Circle”, turned into “Everyone’s Circle”.

Barring the chaotic situation prevailing, both Sean Paul and Akon gave outstanding performances during the much-anticipated show.

Tickets for the “Golden Circle” enclosure in front of the stage were going for $100 while other bays at the
National Sports Stadium (NSS) ranged between $15 and $50.

Chaos began when thousands of eager fans who arrived early at the NSS were kept waiting outside till late in the day as workmen frantically finished setting up the stage.

The fans had to make their way into the stadium through only three selling points, where police ended up using dogs to try and restore order.

Once inside, the hysterical fans, who felt the need to come close to the performers, ripped the plastic barriers that surrounded the “Golden Circle”.

“Nhasi tinopamira tese pa Golden Circle pacho nejambanja (Today we’re all going to be in the Golden Circle by hok or by crook),” boasted a man, who, together with his five friends, had paid $15 but were able to get into the most expensive space.

Spotted moving away from the packed chaotic space was Information, Communication and Technology minister Nelson Chamisa and Youth Development, Indigenisation and Development minister Saviour Kasukuwere, among others.

During the performances Akon kept the tempo of the show high — except when he stopped to ask his fans to maintain order as many went too close to the stage. At one point he even asked the police to stop using baton sticks on his fans.

Fans went absolutely wild with excitement when Akon rolled into the crowd in a big plastic ball and did a different kind of “crowd surfing”. They went even more ballistic when, shirtless, he leapt out into the audience.

The pressure in what was meant to be the “special area” was so overwhelming that people fainted while others were hurt from the pressure.

“I am so disappointed that after buying the most expensive ticket for what I was made to believe would be the space with the best comfort and view for me and my two children, it has turned out to be a chaotic battlefield,” said an angry woman, who decided to leave the show before Akon and Sean Paul performed.

Although most people were disappointed at the disorganisation in the stadium, it did not stop them from singing along and dancing to the musicians’ songs, which have become extremely popular.

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