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MDC—M dismisses Mzembi stance


Zanu PF MP for Masvingo South constituency, Walter Mzembi, has set himself on a collision course with the MDC-M after he claimed none of the party’s leaders deserved national hero status.

Mzembi’s remarks came at a time the country was debating whether the late MDC-M deputy president Gibson Sibanda deserved national hero status.

Sibanda was given a state-assisted funeral.

Mzembi was quoted as saying: “It is no wonder why a person of my generation, belonging to the opposition will not understand history as it is a movement that has been authored, configured and packaged by the liberation history, which they were never part of and therefore they cannot be part of the discourse, nor should they sponsor any discourse on who should not go there because you simply do not belong there.
“There are no heroes yet from the MDC who qualify to lie at the National Heroes’ Acre.”

MDC-M on Thursday hit back at Mzembi accusing him of being a sycophant.

“It is unfortunate that Mzembi was bubbling with confidence, with his mouth oozing out very myopic statements on a subject he knows very little about, as he tried once again to make a mark in pleasing his master,” said MDC-M spokesperson Edwin Mushoriwa. “Our party takes this as an insult and mockery to the works of the late Gibson Jama Sibanda as it comes shortly after the burial of this great man.”

He said MDC-M had a lot of revolutionary leaders who before independence were either in detention, restriction, exile or in combat fighting for majority rule. After independence they continued to work towards the total democratisation of Zimbabwe.

“We wish to enlighten him (Mzembi) and his party that we have in our ranks the likes of Fletcher Dulini-Ncube, Paul Themba Nyathi, Jeftret Khumalo, Moses Mzila Ndlovu, just to mention a few, that selflessly sacrificed for the liberation of this country.

“We will never forget the sacrifice of people like the late Gibson Jama Sibanda and many more who gave up their comforts for our freedom,” said Mushoriwa.

“Heroism is not bestowed but earned, therefore our party is not moved by a narrow partisan definition by Mzembi and his masters.”

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