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Govt must look after terminally ill — Wasn


Government should look after terminally ill patients at hospitals rather than leave the task to home-based care-givers, Women Aids Support Network (Wasn) has said.

Wasn information manager Evince Mugumbate yesterday said government has failed to take care of the terminally patients, choosing instead to put the burden on families who might not have the resources or enough space in their homes to adequyately take care of the patients.

“Government should take back its responsibilities of taking care of the sick, rather than relying on home-based care,” said Mugumbate. “The sick are being sent out of hospitals to die at their homes without proper medical care and that is not right.”

Mugumbate said all this was being done without taking into cognisance that some families were crowded in one room, making it unsuitable to take care of a sick patient.

“Some families stay in a single room and when there is a terminally sick person. This endangers the others living with them. For example, if a person is suffering from an infectious disease, such as tuberculosis, all the people sharing the room with that person are at high risk of getting infected,” she said.

Mugumbate said women were the most vulnerable groups in such circumstances and have to handle the sick without proper protective clothing like gloves.

“That is why women should speak out during the outreach constitution-making process because they are the backbone of society. If most of them are not healthy, society is affected.”

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