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Creation—model for human development (3)


Previously we found out that God begins to work from the inside based on the first word in the Bible, IN.

What really is this IN? Let me undress this word for you and dissect it. In so doing let us use the word as an acronym with I standing for Identity and N for Name.

The real you is your identity and name which you need to work on. When you go out; be it at work, market place or political arena, you should have an identity (recognisability) and a name (something to offer).


Identity is the individual characteristics by which a person or thing is recognised, your distinct personality and individuality. While you are working your inside you need to have good attributes developed through education, prayer, fasting, reading the Bible, exercise (gym), checking on your diet, etc. Separate yourself from the crowd.

Identity is what God has called you to be. Be original, do not imitate anyone, do not be a copycat, your uniqueness is what the world is waiting for.

At times a quality identity comes with sacrifice as you discover who you are in Christ and your mandate to the world.

When everyone else was doing evil, Joseph chose to do good and report evil. He knew that one day he would be great. He became prime minister of Egypt.

Your identity is your real substance. If you go out in the world without identity, instead of influencing and subduing it, the world will swallow you. Do not rush for recognition, get substance then parade it later.


This is your reputation, seal, mark, victories or conquests. This is what should draw the world to you in the form of customers/clients. Work these out in your name: – integrity, dependability, trustworthiness, faithfulness, honesty and reliability.

A name is a word or term by which a person or thing is commonly and distinctively known. It is a language. Since words speak and language is for communication, so your name should speak and communicate.

Some names speak louder than others. Some names will get you goods and services for free; others will get you tenders while others will get you bank loans without collateral. Desire a good name, Ecclesiastes 7:1, “A good name is better than a precious ointment…”

Good names include Nelson Mandela, Jairosi Jiri etc. There are other names that when you hear them, you hold your wallet, handbag, cellphone or lock the door.

What does your name speak and communicate?
Work out your name in your vocation in life. In any field there are names that are above other names; banking, telecommunication, the suburb where you live, the car you drive etc; Property- Donald Trump, computers- Bill Gates, soccer- ?

But there is one name in heaven and earth that is above every other name which you can use to get anything, anywhere, anytime and that is the name of Jesus- (Philippians 2:9).

David was just a shepherd boy who worked his identity and name in the bush. He killed lions and bears but no one knew about it. His time came when his behind-the-scenes victories were required. Faced with Goliath, his years of obscurity were turned into an international success and recognition in a split of a second- 1 Samuel 17.

Do not lose heart, develop bitterness or give up when you knock on doors of banks, companies or even people who tell you that they do not know you and won’t do business with you. Start engaging in small battles and score victories which you will use as basis for engaging in bigger battles.

Celebrate the success of others while working on your curriculum vitae. When the time is ripe, everyone including those that closed the door in your face, would want to associate with you.

While in the dungeons of obscurity without recognition, everyone shunning away from you, put your house in order; your marketing strategies, internal structures and systems.

Build up your image and pedigree and dress up. Do not go out naked exposing your weaknesses and shortcomings. If you venture unprepared and the world sees it, you may never win them back again.

Denial and delay is a call to work out yourself. Before the whole world comes to do business in Zimbabwe, we need to put legislation, procedures and systems in place.

We call for a timeless constitution that speaks for generations. We would not want to be caught unawares when nations, every blue chip, your Donald Trumps, Oprah Winfreys, Bill Gates, etc, converge in Zimbabwe to invest and pour real money.

Let’s put our house in order in sincere anticipation of what we have been crying for. We have the grace period.

Pastor Erasmus Makarimayi is Presiding Pastor at New Gate Chapel. Feedback: emakarimayi@yahoo.com

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