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Andy Brown rebounds with Chiwoko


Just over a year after the release of his album, Set, Andy Brown comes back again in the mainstream music circles with a brand new 11-track offering.

The album, dubbed Chiwoko/The Silent Hand, marks the musician’s atonement with his former self at the birth of his creative genius.

The album is a collection of social commentary pieces that uncannily get one singing along all the same.

One such song is the title track of the album, which talks of the rampant corruption that is now deep-rooted in the core of our Zimbabwean society.

It is rich in lyrics yet it may also be one of the best instrument-wise on the album.

“The title track of the album, in fact the whole album, is just me telling the country about the general corruption that is going on everywhere.

“I am trying to give a reflection of our Zimbabwean society in a truthful way,” said Brown at the launch ceremony of the album at Metro Studios on Tuesday.

The talented guitarist and composer co-produced the album with Jairos Hambahamba and Isaac Chirwa at his studio Shakaza and at Chirwa’s new stable Sunshine Studios.

However, Chiwoko revives nostalgic memories of the Ilanga days when Brown, Cde Chinx, Busi Ncube and the late Don Gumbo were the “in-thing”.

The album also carries some songs that are on the 52-year-old’s previous albums, but have been redone so as to be aligned to the artiste’s new feel of music, and such songs include Zindoga, Many Cows/Lobola and Tichangoshaina.

“I’ve redone some of the songs from my previous albums properly, they are songs I feel sound better now with the new feel I have attained over the years,” he said.

On the album Brown infuses some contemporary elements in his music, both from home and the region, where the artiste commands a strong following.

The mastery he carries on the guitar in Alexio Kawara’s Shaina is highly reinforced by a strong and firm guitar sound reverberating from this new offering.

Brown started his professional music career after joining Ilanga in 1986, then led by Cde Chinx and included Gumbo and Ncube.

Three years later, Brown left Ilanga to form his own group, The Storm, with which he recorded a series of successful albums.

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