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Chiwenga contradicts GPA principals


Commander of the Defence Forces General Constantine Chiwenga said the inclusive government, which is built on shifting sands, was working like a well-oiled machine.
This is contrary to claims by one of the principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara who told mourners at the late Gibson Sibanda’s funeral that the government was dysfunctional.
Chiwenga’s utterances also come at a time Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is fuming over President Robert Mugabe’s alleged insincerity in fulfilling provisions of the unity pact.
Addressing delegates at the Sadc Defence Inspectorate Working Group (DIWG) in Harare Chiwenga said: “There is peace and tranquility prevailing in Zimbabwe contrary to malicious propaganda which agitates for regime change in our country.
“You are aware of the current political and economic dispensation in our country. I shall not comment much on that. Suffice it to say the inclusive government brought upon after Sadc mediation is working well.”
Outgoing DIWG chairman General Raphael Saphilina from Angola will step down to pave way for Major General Engelbert Rugeje of the Zimbabwe National Army on Friday.
Last week, the premier told scores of party supporters in Harare during the launch of the new party card that continued violation of the GPA by Zanu PF threatened the future of the country.
“Indeed, the reluctance by some to abide by the commitments to which they had agreed to in September 2008 threatens the future of our great nation,” Tsvangirai said.
“Such an attitude threatens the legacy of our war of liberation which was waged to empower each and every citizen, to provide all of us with the privileges and protections which are our inalienable right.
“Therefore the only way forward is for all signatories to the GPA to abide by the agreement that we signed. Continued failure to fully implement the GPA betrays the trust and the hope the people placed in the inclusive government.”
The fragility of the inclusive government has been exposed by Zanu PF when it declared that new governors would be installed simultaneously with the removal of sanctions.

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