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Dabengwa vows to go ahead with Zapu congress


Dumiso Dabengwa, the interim Zapu chairman, yesterday vowed to forge ahead with his party’s congress that begins today despite a High Court application barring him from using the party name, logo and flag.
The congress ends on Sunday.
Dabengwa was on Wednesday served with a High Court order barring him from using the name Zapu, logo and flag on charges that he, in 2008, hijacked the name to revive a party that was already in existence. The High Court application by the Agrippa Madlela-led Zapu accuses Dabengwa of setting up illegal parallel Zapu structures.
Dabengwa yesterday said his party would go ahead with the congress and deal with the court application later.
Dabengwa’s Zapu says it will enlist the services of the police to bar the Madlela-led faction from disturbing the congress.
“We are going ahead with the congress. Nothing is going to stop us. We will only respond to their High Court application after the congress,” Dabengwa said, noting that the Madlela-led Zapu was defunct.
Methuseli Moyo, spokesperson for Dabengwa’s Zapu, said in a statement: “Zapu wishes to make it known that it has no intention of succumbing to childish and amateurish blackmail tactics by Madlela of the now-defunct Zapu Federal Party, also known as Zapu 2000.
“The congress is going ahead and they are not among the delegates. They cannot attend and if they do, we will use the police against them. If they want to they can form and hold a congress of their own.”
In court papers Dabengwa is accused of hijacking the party that was already in existence well before he quit Zanu PF in 2008.
In his founding affidavit, Madlela says he is the president of Zapu, which was registered as a political party since its revival in 1998.
“After the 2008 presidential elections and following the dismal performance of Dr Simba Makoni in the presidential elections, the respondent yet again defected from the Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn political movement and announced that he was joining Zapu,” he wrote.
Madlela says Dabengwa was supposed “to follow proper procedures in joining the membership of the applicant (Zapu) and operating within the framework of the applicant’s constitution” after he left Zanu PF.
He claims Dabengwa did not renew his membership with the party after abandoning Zanu PF.
The hearing date has not yet been set.

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