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Nango stands by Maguwu


The National Association of Non Governmental Organisations (Nango) says it is not moved by statements by Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Obert Mpofu, over Nango’s nomination of Farai Maguwu as the Kimberley Process local focal point person.

Nango acting chief executive officer, Machinda Marongwe this week said the nomination of Maguwu would stand despite statements by Mpofu.

Marongwe said his organisation would not authenticate government-affiliated organisations masquerading as NGOs by engaging them in discussions over the criteria they used to nominate Maguwu.

The civil society community is embroiled in a dispute over the nomination of a local focal point person who will work with the KP monitor.

Civil Society Coalition, a group of NGOs not aligned to Nango, has appointed Goodson Nguni as their local focal point person, adding to the confusion.

The war between the civil society groups has taken a political dimension with allegations that Nango is a pro-opposition group while Civil Society Coalition is viewed as being pro-government.

However, the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Obert Mpofu, on Tuesday this week dismissed Maguwu’s appointment by Nango as null and void and said it was not done in consultation with other NGOs.

Mpofu has instead endorsed the nomination of Nguni, whom Nango says is a well-known Zanu PF apologist.

“Nango’s appointment of Maguwu was done without consulting government as per procedure and scores of other NGOs,” Mpofu said. “I am not aware of any such consultations with government except a letter they (Nango) wrote telling us of what they had done.”

Civil Society Coalition spokesperson, Joshua Marufu, earlier this week said his organisation was keen to meet Nango to discuss the matter of choosing the local focal point person.

“We have submitted our names to government and we are saying if Nango has something authentic, why can’t they come and meet us with the media present so that we map the way forward.

“NGOs associated to Nango are also phoning us to say it was not their resolution to nominate Maguwu as the local focal point person and that is why we say we want to meet with them,” Marufu said.

However, Marongwe rubbished the statement by Marufu and said Nango would never allow itself to be summoned for a meeting by pro-government groups, adding that the Civil Society Coalition was not visible on the ground.

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