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Rwanda wants Zim action on fugitive


Rwanda wants the United Nations (UN) to act on reports that one of the most wanted genocide fugitives is staying in Zimbabwe.
International news reports last week claimed Potrais Mpiranya, the third most wanted fugitive of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, could be in Zimbabwe.
Close to one million Rwandans from the minority Tutsi ethnic group were murdered in 1994.
Politically moderate Rwandans from the majority Hutu ethnic group were also massacred.
Rwanda’s prosecutor general, Martin Ngoga, said the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) should spring into action and take Zimbabwe to task over the alleged presence of Mpiranya on its soil.
Mpiranya is a former commander of the presidential guard, blamed for organising and executing the genocide.
He has a $5 million bounty on his head. Media reports last week said Mpiranya was staying in Norton, 40km west of Harare.
Early this year, Zimbabwean police were reportedly interviewing Rwandan refugees staying in the country in an effort to establish the whereabouts of fugitives of the genocide.
However, Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena, the police national spokesperson, has refuted the claims saying Zimbabwe has not harboured any Rwandan genocide suspects. “We do not have such people here,” he said.
The Rwandan prosecutor general Ngoga said that the development should trigger the UN-backed ICTR to arrest and bring to justice one of the “most notorious genocidaires”.
“Mpiranya is one of the most notorious fugitives wanted by the ICTR. We didn’t know that he was in Zimbabwe and it is very interesting to know that he is there. The ICTR should use this opportunity to bring him to book,” Ngoga told the Rwandan official daily.
Ngoga also dismissed reports that Rwandan secret agents had sneaked into Zimbabwe to arrest or kill genocide fugitives believed to be staying in the country. Local newspapers also ran the story.
“The claims are totally false and malicious and I don’t know who initiated them and their motive. The allegations should be held in contempt. This is a story that could have been initiated by the fugitives themselves. We pursue fugitives through indictments and arrest warrants issued through Interpol. We are a government which does not deploy bandits in another country to pursue the people we want. We do things in a conventional way and that’s how we have arrested all the other genocide fugitives,” Ngoga said.
The reports claimed Rwandan security agents sneaked into Zimbabwe early this year pursuing a genocide fugitive, Charles Bandora, who had reportedly entered the southern African country from neighbouring Malawi.
Ngoga said if Rwanda was to do so it would consult the government of Zimbabwe, adding that what is reported is just a “ploy initiated by the fugitives”.

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