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Bakery owners lock up workers


GWERU — A Chinese-run bakery here has been accused of locking up its workers during working hours as part of security measures to curb rampant theft of bread that the company says is occurring at the firm.
Irate workers claimed their lives were being put at risk in the event of a fire.
Employees who spoke to NewsDay claimed those mainly affected ran the night shift.
The bakery doors were only opened the following morning, they alleged.
“They (Chinese employers) have said the reason for locking us up is because bread is being stolen, hence there is need to introduce tight security measures but we fear for our lives in the event that a fire breaks out,” said another worker. But management at the bakery said they did not lock all the doors at the company, but one at the main entrance.
The bakery manager, who only identified himself as Mhere, said:
“It is not true that we lock doors from outside. It is inhumane to do such a thing and we would not do such a thing here.
“Only the main entrance doors are locked and we leave the back doors and other exits open. Whoever told you that is one of the people who steal bread here. Most of the time we find our quality bread in shops before we have made deliveries and I think the person who lied to you is part of the gang that we recently dismissed after they had stolen products here.”
“We follow proper procedures that guide how industries and companies operate and we would never do such a thing,” he said.
But when interviewed the workers insisted they were being ill-treated.
“We are treated unfairly here. We are locked in from outside during the whole night only for them (Chinese employers) to open the doors in the morning,” said one worker, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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