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Film-writer Mahlasera launches captivating play,Wedding Day


Film writer-cum-producer Patrick Mahlasera has launched his debut play Wedding Day.

The play was adapted for a film of the same name, and has since been entered for the Drama for Life Festival that will take place from September 24 to 26 at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The hilarious act is a social critique of infidelity, hypocrisy, greed, lust and deceit, which often riddle relationships, especially marriage.

“This farcical portrait is an up-close and personal look at what goes on at the high table on a wedding day,” Mahlasera said on the sidelines of the play’s showcase at the Mannenberg on Wednesday evening.

He said hidden agendas emerge and tension rises at the high table, threatening to spoil an otherwise happy day and as the wedding progresses the groom Nelson, played by Stewart Sakarombe, is disillusioned following the discovery that his “virgin” bride, Sabrina, is actually a mother of two.

Rutendo Chigudu plays Sabrina.

Everyone involved in the success of the wedding including the pastor, played by Francis Nyakuwa, becomes anxious because they all expect huge benefits after the wedding.

The pastor wants to avoid scandal in his church while Sabrina wants to cover up her infidelity to her new husband.

The pastor is responsible for Sabrina’s pregnancy, and once the aunt – who is also dating the pastor –finds out, she does not take it kindly and threatens to spill the beans on the pastor.

“Sabrina’s aunt, who becomes an angry woman as the plot develops, drinks herself silly and promises revenge while Sabrina remains indifferent,” said Mahlasera.

He said when he wrote the play, he wanted to bring out the fact that not all marriages that look happy are indeed happy as there are a lot influential factors in many hidden things that take place.

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