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ZBC refuses to flight Copac ads


Guests at the launch of a Copac website on Tuesday lashed out at the country’s sole broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), accusing the station of sabotaging the constitution-making process.

Copac has failed to flight its advertisements on television after ZBC allegedly charged exorbitant fees.

Participants at the launch said it was demoralising that ZBC was sabotaging a national programme.

“ZBC is supposed to be a national broadcaster but Copac is not airing its jingles to promote the process which is supposed to be a national process.

“Surprisingly, they continue to air divisive Zanu PF jingles,” said a participant at the launch.

Jessie Majome, information and publicity chairperson for Copac, said it was worrying that ZBC was not cooperating.

“This issue is an issue of concern as our commitment is to bombard the airwaves and newspapers with information on the constitution-making process. ZBC is, however, not forthcoming.

“We have tried to get the broadcaster to embrace the process but we do not seem to be successful despite meeting with them several times,” she said.

“Copac is supposed to be a national process but it is peculiar that ZBC and the state media are not doing anything to raise public awareness on the constitution,” said another participant.

“It is extremely expensive to advertise on the state broadcaster. We need subsidised rates,” Majome added. “We cannot take any action if news organisations do not support us.”

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