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Ndiweni family forced to burn rotten donated meat


The Ndiweni family was reportedly forced to burn the beef donated by a Zanu PF politburo member from Matabeleland towards the funeral of the late Chief Khayisa Ndiweni after it was discovered that the meat was rotten, NewsDay can reveal.

The spokesperson for the Ndiweni family, Wilson Bancinyane Ndiweni, confirmed the incident saying: “The information you got whoever you got it from that there was some meat that we burnt because it was rotten, is true,” he said.

According to sources close to the incident, the politician (name supplied) donated a hindquarter and a forequarter. The following morning, those who were supposed to cook the meat said it was rotten and separated it from the rest of the meat.

“The spoilt meat was burnt at the instructions of one of the family elders,” said a source.

The source said the family was still to establish whether the meat was already rotten before it was donated or it got spoilt at the Ndiweni homestead.

“There was slaughtered meat from elsewhere, but it did not go bad.

“That is why there are suspicions that it was already rotten when it came,” said a source who spoke on condition of anonimity.

Sources said seven beasts were donated for the funeral wake.

Chief Ndiweni passed away in his sleep at his Ntabazinduna home two weeks ago – a few days after celebrating his 97th birthday.

He served as chief for 71 years.

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