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Vote-rigging allegations mar Zapu congress run-up


Controversy has dogged the revived Zapu party ahead of its congress at the end of the month following allegations of manipulation of the voting process during the party’s elections for the Bulawayo provincial executive.

Sources in the party said members of the party’s council of elders were manipulating the electoral process and imposing their choices on party

Members of the council of elders are said to have subverted set and agreed electoral processes and instituted new processes that were deemed

The sources told NewsDay the party’s Bulawayo province had unanimously agreed the elections would be conducted by way of secret ballot.

However, the council of elders, reportedly led by former Zanu PF politburo member, Thenjiwe Lesabe, changed goalposts and ruled the elections would be conducted by show of hands.

“Lesabe and some other people had their own people whom they wanted to be part of the national executive,” said a source. “The reason is that they want to have a specific outcome of the national executive election and doing so ensures and assures them that their intended outcome will be guaranteed.”

Newsday was told that given the manipulation of the nomination process, there was high likelihood the party could be hijacked by some Zanu PF
members disguised as Zapu members.

“These so-called Zapu council of elders want to destroy the party,” another source said. “All they have done is to fill up the posts with those people
who have come from Zanu PF.”

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