Deadly people indeed!


If ever there is one thing I revere Zimbabweans for, it is the fact that they are so educated and they keep on amassing knowledge.

Even though there have been complaints that the country’s education system is getting bad, the truth remains that we are still far better than other countries around us.

With such a level of schooling, however, one thing that is inexplicable and a real cause for concern is that the solutions that we mete out leave a lot to be desired.

We don’t seem to address problems in line with the level of qualifications that we hold.

Our business leaders appear so daft that it’s beyond belief they hold the papers they claim to have. Our national leaders have highpowered doctorates but what emerges in the form of results baffles the mind.

There is a most horrible category of world citizen who is found in Zimbabwe.

This person is a real culprit to the advancement of the world.

This is the type of person who knows massively but chooses to do nothing at the end of the day. When you look at this person’s qualifications, you are tempted at giving them a job before an interview.

When you hear them talk, you are enthused by the proposals and ideas being presented. This type of world citizen writes a report which convinces you of real substance in store.

By merely listening to the politicians articulating issues, you are pretty convinced that all our problems are over and it won’t even take a second to address.

What of other leaders scattered across the economic, social and spiritual divide? It is actually scandalous that we have some of the challenges we see around us.

Our greatest dilemma is that we have a people that talk too much without doing anything.

A closer look at the plans that we have on a national scale proves to you how our too much talking has failed us to this end.

This makes us a deadly lot in that we promise what we cannot deliver.

Isn’t it amazing that the inclusive government has gone for more than a year without any tangible conclusion to the outstanding issues?

I am pretty convinced that in the organisation that you work for, there are a lots of things that have been under discussion for many years now.

How many reports have you read which explained why one project after another failed to materialise?

This only shows how deadly and costly we have been to ourselves. I know many times we always have someone or something to blame.

It ought to be noted, however, that an excuse is not a result. What are needed are solutions to the challenges bedevileing the nation and the world at large.

I am one person who values education but if your many academic qualifications won’t add much value to the needs of the world, then those papers are useless.

They only qualify you to be a deadly lot who is worried about what happened years back instead of having foresight of where you are going.

There is no one who drives a vehicle by focusing on the rear view mirror to chart the way forward. In as much as the rear mirror is important, it ought to be glimpsed at less than where you are heading.

History is important but plying in the historical terrain a greater part of the time destroys the opportunities of the present.

You become deadly to the system that you work for if you are preoccupied with where you have been instead of where you are headed.

The mishaps and differences of the past should not stand on our way to a brighter future. Political differences of the era gone by will never propel the country forward.

You become a noxious Zimbabwean when you know right from wrong and you choose to do nothing.

Any person who knows about the current constitutional process and does nothing is surely a deadly person.

These are the types that complain bitterly later in the event that some unpalatable clauses appear in the supreme law of the land.

What of the many who are eligible for voting who choose to sit at home during election time? These are equally deadly.

What is of interest though is that these men and women claim to be educated and informed.

There is no way your lot can ever change as long as you do nothing about what you know to be right.

It even makes me shed tears that these people keep going to the universities and colleges of the land to amass knowledge.

If your knowledge cannot be converted to practical solutions that add value to the cause of the world, you rather stop wasting your time.

There are many business ideas resident in people’s minds but they remain locked there because of fear of launching out and executing.

Probably these ideas have been talked about for ages to no end but what is not realised is that as each day comes by, you are ageing and you may never be in a position to convert those ideas into results that add value.

Pushing to another day those things that you are supposed to do now is the worst thing that you can do with your life. Doesn’t your conscience tickle for subtracting value from the world by failing to do those things you are supposed to?

Why become a deadly citizen by doing nothing?
I just want to challenge someone to rise to the occasion and choose to do those things that add value to the world by converting the brilliant ideas that you have into action.

What’s needed in the world today is action and not your good intention.

Your intentions will never solve the needs of the world. A tortoise that is moving should be emulated than a rabbit that is stationary.

In as much as the rabbit may run fast, there is no progress that arises as it brags about what it can do.

There are, however, many rabbits bragging about their talents but doing nothing in the process. I hope you are not found wanting on this one.

Noah Mangwarara is a Leadership Consultant & Motivational Speaker. He is the author of several leadership, motivational and marriage books. Contact 0912 952 634/

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