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Mliswa freed… but never tastes freedom


Controversial Zanu PF apologist and embattled businessman Temba Mliswa was granted bail but never walked out of remand prison to taste freedom for the first time in over a month as he was immediately re-arrested on unspecified charges.

His lawyer, Charles Chinyama, confirmed Mliswa’s re-arrest soon after his release from Chikurubi Maximum Prison where he was on remand last night. He said he did not know the charges levelled against his client.

Earlier on, magistrate Donald Ndirowei granted him bail, albeit on stringent conditions, after ruling he was a suitable candidate for bail.

Mliswa was ordered to pay $1 000 bail, to report daily at the Criminal Investigation Department, surrender his passport, reside at the given address, not to interfere with the witnesses and not to travel 40km out of Harare without police clearance.

The bail granted to Mliswa was in respect of the two cases for which he was remanded in custody last month.

Mliswa was in custody on charges of allegedly stealing six 60KVA generators and defrauding the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe $3,5 million.

Mliswa had to wait for a week for the bail ruling which was postponed on Thursday last week following his appearance at Karoi Magistrates’ Court on charges of assault.

In his bail ruling, the magistrate said the state had failed to convince the court that Mliswa was a flight risk.

Ndirowei said in considering Mliswa’s bail application, the court had to balance the interest of justice and the liberty of the accused person.

“In bail applications of this nature, the court considers the interest of justice and the liberty of the accused person. In this case, the court considered whether the accused would abscond if granted bail and not stand trial,” Ndirowei said in reference to Mliswa.

“The court also considered whether the accused would interfere with state witnesses and the seriousness of the alleged offence.”

The magistrate said although it was common cause that Mliswa was facing several criminal charges backdated to 2002, there was no likelihood he could abscond.

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