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$12 000 sculpture on display


A metal sculpture of two horses halting abruptly, dramatising the plight of the thousands of refugees, is on display at the National Gallery with a $12 000 tag.

The sculpture — called Asylum Seekers — symbolises the journeys of refugees, particularly Somalis. Crafted by the talented 22-year-old Zacharaha Magasa, the piece was inspired by Somali refugees.

The 1,5 -metre-tall, 200kg sculpture is made of scrap metal.

Magasa was born in Harare on May 14 in 1988 and started doing art in 2003. His father who had realised his talent encouraged him to pursue art.

However, in 2006 Magasa became a sculptor after being inspired by the late John Gusinyu. He has won several awards, including the first prize of the final year exhibition at the National Gallery.

He has also exhibited at the Young Artists’ Exhibition and the Peace through Unity in Diversity exhibition.

He also exhibited his works at the Intwasa Arts Festival in 2009 and recently, at the Live and Direct exhibition at the National Gallery.

“When I look at this piece of art, I would say it is worth millions of dollars but I think $12 000 would be a fair price,” said Magasa.

“When my sculpture is sold, I will give some money to the Somali refugees in Waterfalls.”

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