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Munya wants your vote


The fate of Zimbabwe’s representative in the Big Brother Africa House Munya Chidzonga now lies in the hands of Africa as he will depend on fans’ votes to escape eviction.

Munya, who was nominated on Monday together with Lerato of South Africa, may be left with just a day to enjoy the comfort of the Big Brother House if Africa chooses to retain Lerato.

As votes trickle in from all corners of the continent, local Big Brother fans have expressed hope that Munya will beat Lerato. The housemate who receives the least number of votes will be evicted.

“Come on guys we can all make Munya bring the $200 000 home. Besides we can’t have three guys in the barn – Lerato to the barn,” said Perpetua Zokora, a fan of the reality show.

Last Sunday night evicted housemates Sammi and Hannington found themselves sharing a barn with live animals instead of a flight home.

This week’s nominations saw Munya and Lerato up for eviction after the head of the house Tatiana once more saved herself and put Lerato in her place.

However, big brother fans from other countries are likely to keep Lerato in the house in anticipation of drama since Lerato nominated Tatiana without knowing that the Angolan had nominated her.

“Let’s vote for Lerato to let the cat fight begin. She will know that Tatiana nominated for her to leave the house and Tatiana too will know Lerato wants her out of the house so the real action ensues on Sunday night if we keep Lerato in the house,” said a Zambian Big Brother viewer on a popular online discussion forum.

Tatiana nominated Lerato and Sheila because of their alliance saying they were only trying to get close to her because she is head of house.

Munya’s ground is also a bit shaky because he agitated viewers from West Africa when he said that his nominating Uti and Yacob was based on the fact that their countries are furthest from his homeland.

“Munya wants your vote. Vote to keep him in the house,” said Elizabeth Dziva, MultiChoice Zimbabwe’s public relations manager.

To vote by text message (only for Econet and NetOne subscribers) one is to send the word VOTE followed by the housemate’s name to 15626 and local charges are set at 50 cents per vote. One can also vote 100 times by SMS per mobile number during each voting period.

Those with internet access are voting on the website by clicking on the housemate whom they want to keep in the house and one can vote once per hour per registered email address.

“Voting begins immediately after the nomination show has been broadcast on M-Net Africa at 8.30pm on Monday nights and closes at 6am on the following Sunday morning,” said Dziva.

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