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Metro begins online music sales


Zimbabwean artistes have something to smile about now that Metro Studios has officially launched their website for online sales.

The website zimetromusic.com has already started selling music and videos of local artistes who have signed up for their online sales.

Gone are the days when local musicians had to send their DVDs and CDs upon request to other countries, now people anywhere in the world can buy Zimbabwean music through the internet.

“The website is probably one of the most efficient ways for local musicians to sell their music abroad because there are no production costs to be incurred. Everything is just done electronically,” said Metro Studios director Emion Sibindi.

He said after 30 they will get the print out of all the sales made and artistes will receive their money.

He added that artistes will receive 70% while Metro and the web host will share the remaining 30 % of the sales.

A single track is pegged between £0,6 and £0,9 (US$0,9 and US$1,3 respectively) while albums are selling from £3,99 ($6).

Metro is currently engaging local musicians to sign agreements to have their albums marketed through the website.

“This facility is open to all artistes and recording studios if they have the rights to the music.

Individuals can come with their music if they have not signed any other contracts with other publishers,” said Sibindi.

This development will enable local musicians to break into the lucrative international market and notch up their sales and will operate like a one-stop-shop for the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.

Artistes already featured on the website include Dino Mudondo, Hosiah Chipanga, Daiton Somanje, Vabati VaJehova, Thomas Mapfumo, The Chigutiro compilation albums, Ngoni Kambarami, Blush, Stunner and 2BG.

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