Readers’ Feedback


l I’m quite happy with the way you report at NewsDay.
You show no bias towards any political party or organisation, especially in your edition of July 18 2010. You are true to your slogan: “Credible, candid and balanced”!
Doctor, Bulawayo
l The suffering of David Whitehead workers under Toendepi and Mangena’s management must be reported in NewsDay. Please, the truth must be published.
Chemachichi K D
l Welcome NewsDay! We need you in the media fray. Tipei se zvazviri. (Report things as they are).
l Michael Nkomo is right.
A statue of Joshua Nkomo at Karigamombe Centre would be insulting to those who really experienced that man’s “legacy”.
When Zimbabweans recover from the historical amnesia imposed by his father’s stooges currently leading Zanu PF, we will remember how the People’s Caretaker Council/Zhanda leader, in his bid to crush the newly formed Zanu (1963-5), sowed the seeds of genocidal politics, eventually leading to the pogroms of Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and the current curse.
We will gladly join Michael in recalling his father’s true legacy.
PCC Tsurotsuro Wee, Zhanda House, Harare
l If a person is sentenced to 25 years in prison, since no kids are allowed to visit prisoners, does this mean kids won’t get to see their dads?
l Thank you for highlighting the plight of prisoners at Chikurubi. Being a convict does not automatically mean being condemned.
Please could the government allow food from hama (relatives) to regularly be given to prisoners?
Mukadzi wemusungwa
l After the acquittal of MDC suspects over the (Cain) Nkala murder, why did ZRP stop looking for the real culprit?
Heroes’ Day, Bulawayo
l Is ZRP fund-raising? For a kombi to reach Harare from Chitungwiza, the driver has to pump out $3 at every “Police Ahead” sign. It’s too much!
Wickson Siyapi
l “Chaleboy, Kuwadzana”, if you support MDC it does not mean everyone is an MDC member. Zanu PF will always be a major party. Let’s wait for elections. You will see what I mean.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces and Head of State of the Republic of Zimbabwe is a true war hero.
His Excellency, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, will win any free and fair election in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.
Mutambudze, Chi-Town
l This is my heartfelt cry to my beloved CAPS United. Everything went wrong when we lost the best four players (Nyasha Mushekwi and crew).
Those guys were like brothers to their loyal fans.
After conceding those eight goals in two games, I don’t see any light this season. Kutsvaga imwe team kurinani nguva ichipo. (It’s better to look for another team to support while there’s time).
Edzai Muzhange, Chinhoyi

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